The cast of “All About Eve”
The cast of “All About Eve”

News are circulating that GMA 7 will be doing a Philippine version of the hit Korean series “All About Eve” (2000) which will be shown next year.

According to what I’ve read, they have already eyed actresses Iza Calzado and Sunshine Dizon to play as Nicole (Jin Sun Mi) and Erika (Heo Young Mi). It’s still not yet determined who’s playing who though since both actresses have played both the nice and baddie roles.

Iza and Sunshine has been doing soap operas together, the latest of which was “Impostora” where they played as twins.

Sunshine Dizon
Sunshine Dizon
Iza Calzado
Iza Calzado

On the other hand, Jean Garcia and Eula Valdez, who were last seen together as rivals in “Pangako Sa ‘Yo,” will be reunited to play as senior reporters in drama, one of which was characterized by Kim Jung Eun (“Lovers in Paris”).

Eula Valdez
Eula Valdez
Jean Garcia

The last question now is who will be playing Jang Dong Gun’s character Kenneth (Yun Hyong Chul) in the series. Kenneth is the most ideal man in the world: caring, sincere, handsome etc. etc. You name every good trait in a man and that’s him. Even Jang Dong Gun didn’s believe that a man like him exists. hahaha!

The criteria should be:
1. He must be HANDSOME!!!
2. He must be old enough to look good either with Jean Garcia or Eula Valdez (whoever plays Kim Jung Eun’s character) since she has an interest with him initially and they are of the same age (in the Korean drama at least.)
3. He must not look too old for Sunshine or Iza since he will end up with either one of them.

So any actors in mind? I haven’t thought of one yet. Hopefull they will find one to fit the bill.

I do pray they will give justice to this drama. The original version is actually a must-see for every Korean drama fanatic. For someone like me who really, really loves this (it introduced me to the most wonderful friends I have now), I am worried that it will fall short of the original (here i go again.) Maybe I’m just traumatized since am not really liking the way they treated “Ako si Kim Sam Soon.”

So will you watch this once it’s shown?

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  1. so GMA 7 is planning yet again a remake of a korean series. actually, i’m getting the hang of ako si kim samsoon. but my reaction is half and half.

    for all about eve, i’ve watched it while it aired by GMA which is dubbed and watched some episodes with subtitle. the story is great and the actors did their part very well.

    and so, if the remake is true, i’m hoping that they can be at par with the acting of the lead characters.

  2. i’m very excited for the upcoming project of ms.jean garcia…i’m really her no.1 fan…she’s really professional and she deserves more projects…more power to her…i love her!

  3. Im so xcited for the upcoming show of Ms. Sunshine Dizon…I hope she will be played the role of NICOLE…!!!!!!

  4. Have you seen Sunshine a few weeks ago…WOW she’s very fabulous….Sexy as in WOW…grabeeehhhhh…ang ganda,,,,,,,,,,,

  5. ….D kya ganda ng KIM SAM SOON..ang dming ng bloom ng career dun sa KIM SAM SOON…!!!…noh excuse….

  6. With all the talented local stars we have I wish networks would just create original series which we as Filipinos can be proud of rather than remakes that always ends up in disappoinment because they can’t even come close to the original.

  7. hay naku, kung pwede lang sana na hindi na lang nila gawan ng filipino version ang all about eve.sigurado naman kasing di nila mabibigyan ng justice ang most favorite kong koreanovela.paulit-ulit ko syang pinapanood sa kahit pa korean ang salita nila hindi ako magsasawa na ulit-ulitin.pag nalulunkot ako,pinapanood ko lang ang all about eve at sumasaya na ko.pero bakit ang mga koreanovela sa ABS-CBN may dubbed intagalog silang video sa youtube ng nga naipalabas na nilang koreanovela. pero ang GMA 7 wala.may alam ba kayong website kung san ako pwedeng manood ng full episodes ng alla bout eve. at sana si sunshine dizon na akng ang gumanap na nicole.mas bagay kasi sa kanya.may similarity sila chae rim(nicole). hope you can help me sa website where i can watch all about eve.



  8. Ang ganda ng all about eve…grabeeehhh….shine super galing mo tlaga….anak ni Frederico at Katrina…wow bongang bonga pla ang role kya pla sau npunta ang role na ericka..kc sa ending kaw pinka bida,,..mwaaaahhh luv u

  9. Perfect ang casting of all about eve pinoy version….Sunshine as Erica is so good to be a kontrabidang-api, and Sunshine as Nicole is just so perfect for the role as being nice, sweet, smart, educated rich girl. Mark Anthony has justified the role of Kenneth and Warren…..he’s so handsome and smart to play the role of obsessed lover of Erica, nonetheless, he’s very very equally good actor for the role. GO ALL ABOUT EVE….THE STORY IS JUST GETTING BETTER AND BETTER EVERYDAY.

  10. Iza as Nicole pala….sorry ms. Iza…but you are so perfect for the role to play the character of Nicole….

  11. Casting of All About Eve Pinoy Version is perfect…Everyone has justified each role amazingly….GMA7, this is undeniably another success to your network…MORE POWER.

  12. Maganda ang all about eve. Lahat ay magaling more power to you Iza Calzado we love you:)

  13. Hi jean garcia you;r the best in the movie in
    pangako sa’yo smoetime’s in the movie you are very bad there in the movie because you are alway’s telling
    some bad words 2 eula valdez as amor powr;s

  14. Eeeeh, Truthly u cant give any definition abt ur self but u experiencing ur life in the best way thaks i just salute 4 u ur rock!!!!!

  15. jean garcia and eula valdez ur the best of them all i jst love the way u guys act and ur attitude hope ur like that real life coz one of my dreams is meeting you i really admire you so much dont get shocked but i love u and keep up the spirit uuuumwa!!!!!

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