According to rumors, Mark Anthony Fernandez will be playing the role of Kenneth (Hyong Chul) in the “All About Eve” Filipino remake. He also appeared in the Philippine remake of “My Name is Kim Sam Soon” as Cyrus (Hyun Jin Hun portrayed by Hyun Bin.)

Mark Anthony Fernandez
Mark Anthony Fernandez as Kenneth

This role was originally portrayed by Korea’s superstar and now UN World Food Program Ambassador Jang Dong Gun.

Jang Dong Gun as Kenneth
Jang Dong Gun as television executive Hyong Chul

I am not really too keen with Mark Anthony as Kenneth. He looks young to be an executive for a television network (unless the writers change it) and he does not suit Iza Calzado who will be playing Nicole (Sun Mi). I don’t know now how this pairing will turn out. Mark Anthony has been previously paired with Sunshine Dizon who is also casted as Erika (Young Mi.) If I were to think of another actor to act as Kenneth, it would be Alfred Vargas.

Alfred Vargas in suit

Aside from looking like Jang Dong Gun in some of his pictures, I think Alfred Vargas complements Iza Calzado. His posture and overall aura makes him fit for this role. Too bad he was not chosen.

Let’s wait and see who will be chosen as Warren (Woo Jin), Erika’s boyfriend.

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