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I apologize for not posting a lot of articles during the past months.  Mytor and I were busy because of work and we can barely follow our fandom.  There were really a lot of good dramas that were shown like My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox (Gumiho) and Sungkyunkwan Scandal and we’ve been watching them too.  We hope that we could do a review about them as soon as we can.

I’ve also been to Korea again for a much-needed vacation and this time, I was able to go to Nami Island, the setting for the very popular drama Winter Sonata and Petite France, the location for Beethoven’s Virus. I was also able to watch the two showcases of the trio from TVXQ, JYJ  (Jaejoong,  Yoochun and Junsu) last October 12 and my fanaccount could be found at my friend’s blog, Koreyeah!

I’ll post some of my Korean adventures as soon as I organize my pictures.  It will include details on how to go to these shooting places as well.  Please wait for it!

Hannah is a lover of anything Korean— may it be their dramas, music, or food. She has been to South Korea for n number of times, but she still can’t get enough of it. Seoul has become her second...

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