Cha Eun-woo has posted a sentimental cover of the song “Love is Gone” by Slander dedicated to the late ASTRO member Moonbin. Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN’s genius composer Woozi fulfilled his promise to release the studio recording of his song “What Kind of Future” on Moobin’s birthday.

‘Love is Gone’ by Cha Eun-woo

In the video posted on his YouTube channel, Cha Eun-woo plays the piano. He croons, “Don’t go tonight. Stay here one more time.”

The chorus goes on to say “I’m sorry. Don’t leave me. I want you here with me.” The ending shows a video of Moonbin playing with sparklers at the beach. The text on the video greets him a happy birthday. Cha Eun-woo also thanked their fans, the Arohas.

The video has garnered almost a million views as of this writing. Meanwhile, the video’s comments section is flooded by birthday messages for Moonbin.

‘What Kind of Future’ by Woozi

Another friend of Moonbin, SEVENTEEN’s Woozi, has honored him with a song on his birthday. It can be remembered that Woozi wrote an emotional message for Moonbin when he died, promising to release the song “What Kind of Future.”

“You know the song, ‘What Kind of Future,’ that you kept asking me about and begged me to release so you could listen to it whenever? I’ll bring it to you on your birthday. I’ll fight the company if I have to, but I promise you I’ll put it out for you no matter what,” Woozi said.

Woozi fulfilled his promise, releasing the song on Moonbin’s birthday.

The chorus goes:

Although this waiting
Is still unbearably hard
Before I know it, I’ll forget
And it’ll feel like nothing
Although our future is futile and sad
I don’t want to forget you

Lyric Translation by: @woozimedia on X

The heart wrenching song, which is very personal to Woozi, has been constantly requested by fans in the past. However, the SEVENTEEN member said that the song was meant to be performed only once in his life.

ASTRO’s Moonbin left a big hole in the hearts of K-pop fans worldwide when he passed away on April 19, 2023. 

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