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Last February 2, 2014 was the second Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert (DKFC2) and this time we got six Kpop boy groups – A-JAX, A Prince, BtoB, BAP, Block B and Super Junior M – performing for their Filipino fans. Did I just hear a collective groan from the fanboys? Yes, I understand how you feel. Last year there were SNSD and Tahiti but the good thing is Han Seung Yeon from the girl group Kara made an appearance during labelmate A-JAX’s performance.

The day before D-day, A-JAX and Block B faced the members of the media and some lucky fans during the press conference held at Ortigas, Pasig. I wasn’t able to catch A-JAX but I was able to see all members of Block B composed of Taeil, B Bomb, Jaehyo, U Kwon, Zico, Kyung and Po, who were all present in the presscon. Though the interaction was short, each of the members’ personality shone through their answers.

Here’s what happened at the Q&A segment:

1.)  What sets Block B apart from other Kpop groups?
Zico: Block B, each of the members have different characteristics, and they’re very appealing for each characteristics. And they try to enjoy every performance they have. And they try to communicate with the fans on stage.

2.) So you guys are all very busy with touring, concerts and going around especially here in the Philippines, what do you guys do on your free time?
When we have free time, we tend to spend time with the members. (We) watch movies together or take deep sleep for relaxation.

3.) What song are you most proud of or your favorite among your songs?
B Bomb: After (our) comeback, (our) song Very Good is (our) favorite because with that song, (we) were able to take the first place for the first time. (applause from the audience)

4.) What made you guys decide to come back to the Philippines now for a concert?
Jaehyo: After our concert, we got to travel around different countries, like Philippines or other countries, and we would also like to have our first concert in Korea.

5.) What can you say about your Filipino fans?
Jaehyo: It’s our second time in the Philippines and we see a lot of fans waiting at the airport when we arrived and we think that the Filipino fans are passionate and lovely fans. (a/n: that was so sweet! thank you!)

6.)What can we expect from the concert tomorrow from Block B?
Taeil: We would like to share what we weren’t able to show at the last visit on 2011 and on stage we would like to show our spirit of freedom and more Block B-ish freedom.

7.) What are the challenges of going overseas to see your fans?
Taeil:  We haven’t  received much difficulty yet because we haven’t traveled to a lot of countries, but then we are just excited to meet fans from more countries.

8.) Let us know your message to your Filipino fans who are excited to see you at the Dream Kpop Fanstasy Concert 2.
Philippine fans, mahal kita. (fans shout!)

After the presscon, the boys were asked to stand up for a short photo-op and here’s one of the better pictures. (it’s still blurred I know T_T)

And the others taken during the presscon:

Hello there camera (eye) contact!

To those who are interested on what happened during the concert, you can read about it here. <–click!

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