“It was hope that was kept in the innermost nook of the box.” And so begins the BTS j-hope Disney+ documentary that gives viewers an exclusive look at the idol’s creative process for his first solo album. From the album concept to writing music to the grueling promotion activities that takes us all the way to Lollapalooza in Chicago, the acclaimed dancer and rapper of BTS proves that he is an artist of his own.

J-Hope Jack in the Box
j-hope hosts a listening party for his debut solo album “Jack in the Box” Disney+

j-hope’s first solo album “Jack in the Box” isn’t exactly his debut as a solo artist, with his mixtape “Hope World” released in 2018. However, it feels like it is, as we see him step out of his BTS comfort zone, finally holding the reins to his music. “This is a part of who I am, who j-hope is. I can also do mature stuff like this,” he says while planning his set list for Lollapalooza. 

j-hope during one of his countless rehearsals for his Lollapalooza performance Disney+

We see a different side to j-hope throughout the Disney+ documentary. Often energetic, bright, and radiating positivity, we see him as a regular person who works hard at bringing his A game. He even doubts himself at times and stresses out at the tiniest details of his album promotion. You would think that a member of a record breaking group would give himself a well-deserved break, but J-Hope isn’t the type. He knows that the BTS fame could only bring him so far and becoming a successful solo artist now rests on his shoulders.

“To be absolutely frank, there’s no reason to push myself this hard. But I guess this is just who I am,” he says while dealing with a writer’s block inside the studio.

BTS members support j-hope in Disney+ documentary

BTS group activities may have been put to a halt but the ARMY will surely be happy to see bits and pieces of their interaction in the Disney+ documentary. j-hope often talks fondly about his members. “Whenever I make music, Namjoon is the first person I play it to.” This kind of mutual support is evident as all the members are present in the “Jack in the Box” listening party. 

j-hope feels the pressure, saying he did not expect to be headlining a huge music festival Disney+

Meanwhile, Jimin makes an appearance in Chicago while j-hope prepares to headline the Lollapalooza. The pressure is building up but Hobi finds his foot again with a good friend on his side. It’s a lovely interaction that fans will enjoy. 

D-day: j-hope headlines the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago Disney+

We’ve seen this a lot before. Groups break out to give way to solo careers. Some may be wary of what lies ahead in the future but j-hope remains as himself, hopeful. “I truly devoted the entirety of my 20s to BTS. But nothing lasts forever. I feel like I need to experience something new to be able to appreciate what I have now. I’m sure this will bring us together as a team.”

“j-hope IN THE BOX” is streaming on Disney+ starting February 17.

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