Charice thanks Star King. Photo credit as tagged.

Before Oprah and The Ellen De Generes Show, Charice Pempengco was in the Korean show Star King. In fact, her current status now as a famous young diva could be attributed to that show.  It was in that video that Ellen discovered her which led to her guesting in Oprah. And what do you know after three years, her dreams are finally coming true.

Charice became a guest in Star King today for the third time and when she entered the stage, she was holding a placard saying 스타깅 고맙습니다 (Star King thank you) showing her gratitude to the show.  And once again, she awed the audience and the Korean singers with her big voice.  She had a duet with So Hyang where they sang a theme song from the animated movie Prince of Egypt “When You Believe.”  The song was originally sung by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.  F(x)’s Luna was also moved to tears after Charice rendered her own version of “One Moment in Time” which Luna sung before her.  Kang Ho Dong also seemed very happy to see her again. Her singing was so good that it brought goosebumps to everyone listening.  It was cute that there were also Filipino fans in the audience supporting her. 

And because fans are very fast, here are the videos from YT. Credits to 3seventT@yt for the upload.
Edit: The videos are not available anymore due to copyright claim by SBSi. Let’s see if we can find another link for you.







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