Leading entertainment company CJ ENM successfully wrapped up “KCON Hong Kong 2024” held at AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong on March 30 and 31 with enthusiastic response from fans. 

“KCON Hong Kong 2024,” which marked a powerful start for this year’s KCON, ended with enhanced K- pop fan-focused content and a spectacular show packed with global trends. This KCON is even more  significant as it marked the first-ever KCON in Hong Kong. As the world’s largest K-POP festival, KCON’s  first time in Hong Kong has garnered a lot of local attention. With the slogan of KCON this year, “K-POP  Fan&Artist Festival,” CJ ENM will continue its evolution by diversifying the stages and expanding fan-related  content so that K-POP fans can interact with their favorite artists in a more diverse and closer way. 

The 45,000 people who gathered at AsiaWorld-Expo, the largest convention venue in Hong Kong, thoroughly  enjoyed the festivities. More than 3.6 million people in 165 regions around the world also enjoyed “KCON Hong Kong 2024” via the digital platform. From exclusive shows and stages unique to KCON to various  booths and content offerings, the event provided an unforgettable experience. Diverse stage performances  allowed fans to get close with their favorite artists, while artist booths and fan-related activities added to the  excitement. The exhibition of artist-related props also drew crowds, and the various fan programs where K-pop fans can directly convey their hearts to artists provided global audiences with opportunities to  experience and enjoy K-culture in many more ways. 

“KCON Hong Kong 2024” received great popularity for programs with fans, including “KCON Stage” where  fans can enjoy up-close performances and talk shows by K-pop artists, “Dance All Day” where fans can  learn and enjoy K-pop choreography, “K-Pop Zone’ where various fan programs such as fan art contests  and fan club booths are held, have gained huge popularity. Additionally, visitors had the chance to explore  Korean traditional drinks and cuisine at “Food Zone” and immerse themselves in Korean tourism, dramas,  and movies at “Lifesytle Zone.”

“KCON Hong Kong 2024” was hosted by aespa’s Ningning, BOYNEXTDOOR’s Jaehyun on Day 1,  and ZEROBASEONE’s Sung Han Bin and Zhaong Hao on DAY 2. They showcased their remarkable  hosting skills and successfully engaged the audience. 

The show kicked off with HIGHLIGHT, who has long been loved by fans around the world, with their steady  hit “Shock.” Powerful performances by artists representing the fifth generation also attracted attention. TWS  delivered flawless performances, drawing enthusiastic responses from fans, and BOYNEXTDOOR  performed a song that was unveiled for the first time that hinted at the high quality of their upcoming album.  xikers performed energetic performances, and YENA proved herself to be a global icon by performing her hit  songs. WayV also showed their status as global artists, and aespa also delivered stunning performances for  the night. 

DAY 2 was opened by ZEROBASEONE with “In Bloom.” TEMPEST then took the baton and showed a  powerful performance, and JO1 heated up the stage with their songs that are gaining global popularity. VIVIZ,  who have been driving a dance challenge craze, overwhelmed the audience with their spectacular stage.  ZEROBASEONE, who performed the opening stage, reappeared on the stage and met their fans once again  through wonderful performances. DAY6, who have recently made a comeback, performed a perfect stage  with their new song and songs that have recently revived favorites. SISTAR19 brought nostalgia with their  steady hits. As the last runner, ATEEZ made fans around the world enthusiastic. The two-day finale featured  all performers joining together to sing KCON’s signature song “POPPIA,” bringing the event to a dazzling  close.

KCON also presented special stages that added to the spectacle. At the “RE-Meeted Stage,” a stage that  covers K-pop hits, BOYNEXTDOOR covered BTS’ “Dope” and ZEROBASEONE performed Wanna One’s  “Energetic.” For the “Dream Stage” where K-pop artists and fans create a stage together, aespa performed  “Next Level” with fans on DAY 1, and VIVIZ created an unforgettable moment with “MANIAC” on DAY 2. 

Joon-beom Sim, Head of Music Entertainment at CJ ENM, said, “We are pleased to have successfully  completed the first KCON of the year in Hong Kong. As a festival where K-POP artists and fans worldwide  take center stage to create new experiences and diverse content together, KCON will continue to strive to  reflect the present and introduce newness of K-POP.”

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