Lauded screenwriter Kangfull, creator of “Moving,” returns this year with “Light Shop,” a mysterious drama featuring Joo Ji-hoon and Park Bo-young.

After entertaining audiences across the world in 2023 with his super-powered drama “Moving,” Kangfull will explore life, death, and what makes us human in “Light Shop,” which will stream exclusively on Disney+.

An adaptation of Kangfull’s hit webtoon of the same name, “Light Shop” follows a group of strangers, each struggling to come to terms with a traumatic event in their past. Going about their daily lives, each individual is mysteriously drawn to a light shop that sits at the end of a seedy alleyway. Guarded by a vigilant shopkeeper, the light shop could hold the key to the strangers’ pasts, presents, and futures.

“Light Shop” will star Joo Ji-hoon (“Kingdom,” “Jirisan”) as Jung Won-young, the owner of the light shop; Park Bo-young, (“Strong Girl Bong-soon,” “Doom at Your Service”) as Kwon Young-ji, a nurse with an unusual connection to her patients; Bae Seong-woo (“Veteran,” “The King”) as police officer Yang Sung-sik; and Lee Jung-eun (“Parasite,” “Our Blues”) as Jung Yu-hee, a distraught mother. The series is adapted for the screen by Kangfull (“Moving”) and is directed by Kim Hee-won.

“Light Shop” will join an ever-growing array of award-winning Korean entertainment now available on Disney+. These include “Moving,” about a group of South Korean special agents working to protect their super-powered children from harm and exploitation at the hands of malicious government agencies. Meanwhile, “Big Bet” is about the rise and fall of a serial entrepreneur who will do anything to get ahead. “The Worst of Evil” and “Vigilante” are also part of Disney+’s extensive library of other APAC originals and beloved international movies and shows.

“Light Shop” launches in the second half of 2024, exclusively on Disney+.

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