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A new lineup of series are starting to broadcast their pilot episodes. One of these is a weekend Korean drama with the title of “Dr. Jin”. So lets go on into some details about the drama, Dr. Jin is a Korean remake of the popular Japanese drama entitled “Jin”.

The series starts of with a doctor(Song Seung-heon) waking up in the middle of a forest and finds himself caught up between a fight of what it seemed to be from the Joseon period, complete with costumes and all swords but he then realizes that it wasn’t just acting but it was actually real.

Jaejoong in Dr. Jin

  He then encounters the general of the police, played by Kim Jaejoong, and he runs away from all the confusion not really sure why he was running away, but he knew that he needed to get away. While trying to get away he is then cornered to a cliff and fell off, luckily the leather bag he was carrying got caught on one of the rocks and he was able to grab hold of it. While it seemed like there was no hope for him in getting back up the ledge a stranger passing by the cliff heard his cry and saved him. After he has been saved, he loses consciousness and we go into flashback mode.

Song Seung Heon and Park Min Young in Dr. Jin

We then go back to the time(or is it go forward in time?) before he came to the Joseon period. We then learn that the doctor is Jin Hyuk, a neurosurgeon,that is preparing to propose to his long time girlfriend Yoo Mi-Na(Park Min Young) but just before he was able to actually propose to her they had a quarrel over a Mi-Na’s patient that died because Jin Hyuk wouldn’t perform the surgery. Just after their fight Mi-Na got into a terrible accident(Ohnoes!).

Park Min Young in Dr. Jin

Luckily she was saved after the surgery but they are still not sure when she will gain consciousness again. Jin then feels remorse for what happened and was thinking up on the roof of the hospital(cause there is no better place to feel angst than the roof!).

Bandage man in Dr.Jin

Anyway, With some strange turn of events, a man  wrapped in bandages suddenly shows up on the roof carrying a bag filled with medical utensils that he had stolen and also a fetus that Jin had previously removed from the head of a grown man, yeah you heard me, A FETUS, inside of someone’s head as in in the brain, and that man keeps saying the words “I must go back”. Jin then realizes that those were the same words he kept hearing during his recent surgeries and it gave him serious headaches(It’s from the fetus I tell you).

He tries to stop the man from jumping off the roof but the bottle with the fetus was thrown off the roof and Jin tries to save the fetus but ends up jumping off the building and he is now falling to his doom. But then some light comes from the fetus and that’s when he goes out of flashback mode continuing where we left off, back in Joseon.

So Doctor Jin is sent back in time by an unknown force/magic or I don’t really know what that is(if you know anything about premature unborn fetuses that has been growing inside of a grown man’s brain, and also equipped with supernatural time traveling psychic powers please do tell), but anyway the major plot here is he is sent back in time and while he tries to find a way back home to his own time, he saves a lot of people with his knowledge of modern medicine and using his experiences as a doctor.

So the mystery here is that he is sent back to Joseon period either for some kind of reason or just got caught with the psychic fetus’ plans, but I highly doubt that would be the case since he was getting the weird voices in the head courtesy of psychic supernatural fetus. And one thing to note is that the guy in bandages went out and stole a bag full of medical equipment and items, now why would he do that? Obviously not for his own personal gain. For all I know, the fetus has got to be involved! There’s no other reason but that. But of course If we know all the answers to these mysteries early on then the series wouldn’t have any juicy stuff to pour out later on.

Some Thoughts:

So from magical yellow butterflies of fate to ripples in the time space continuum, now we have a time traveling fetus! Although there might be some doubts to the whole time traveling via fetus with supernatural powers. I’m still being optimistic about this drama and I would be looking forward to watching it everyweek as it does contain some interesting plot points. And of course also knowing that Park Min Young would be playing the leading lady, this is something that I shouldn’t miss out (This is just me being shallow and being a big fan of Park Min Young, so sue me). And also Song Seung Heon playing the lead is something to look forward to since after watching ‘My Princess’ I really thought he did a good job acting there. And not to mention famous singer Jaejoong from JYJ is also part of the cast, I’m sure people wont get tired from watching this series which not only has a promising plot line but eye-candy cast to boot as well.

I didn’t get into much detail here for the first episode cause that would mean I’d be recapping the whole thing, but instead I just want to give you guys a sneak peak at the beginning of it all.

Comparison to the Japanese version?

Honestly, I haven’t seen the Japanese version of this series but people have been saying it is really well made. I cant personally compare the two since I haven’t seen either in its totality yet, but hearing all the good stuff about the Japanese version is getting me curious. I might have to put it in my long list of to watch dramas in the future.

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