Korean F4

We all know how adorable these guys are but I really love seeing their interactions off cam. It’s nice to see that they’ve really become close friends .

As I was getting my daily Boys Over Flowers fix, I chanced upon the behind the scenes video of the F4 Music Drama with Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum and Kim Joon.

Do you want to know what Min Ho calls the rest of the F4? Want to see Kim Bum acting like a jilted lover of Kim Joon?

See the videos after the cut.

Credits to iBreatheLifeMusic for the videos.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  1. I like their version than the Taiwanese version. I don’t know but I think Taiwanese artists always exaggerating. I finished watching the series in KBS and I loved it.

  2. i really really love your movie,,all of you are the best,.
    lee min ho,you know im always dreamihg of you,you are the first korean actor that made me inspired, and i hope that God will give me a chance to see you in person.keep up the good work,love you!!

  3. hope to see you here in the phillippines specifically here in Aklan i really love you all especially you Kim Bum I Love You you’re so cute and hondsome especially when you smile i was really attracted by your beautiful smile I Love You Kim Bum!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i hope to see Gu Jun Pyo he’s so cute, i was really attracted when i see your smiling beautiful face heeh
    i hope to see him again

  5. i love Le Min Ho .where are you? you come myanmar city.you come me. i need you. my name is cho zin thet.i love you.

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