Remember when we told you about F4’s appearance on the Japanese talk show SMAPxSMAP?

Well, the episode, which was shot during the cast’s promotional visit to Japan, has just been shown recently. Its original airing date was cancelled following Tsuyoshi Kusanagi’s arrest for suspicion of public indecency. He was actually caught naked and drunk in a park (What’s up with these Japanese men and their booze? :-)). For those who aren’t into J-pop, Kusanagi is a member of the famous Japanese idol group SMAP whose members host the talk show. All the shows featuring Kusanagi were taken off the air for a while, thus the F4 episode was cancelled. After issuing a public apology, Kusanagi has returned to television and apparently they decided to air the F4 episode last Monday.

And I’m glad they did because the skit with the fortune teller Daiba Mama was just hilarious. The Korean F4 went to see this creepy looking character called Daiba Mama to have their fortune told and Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, who speaks fluent Korean, acted as their interpreter.

The F4 wanted to know whether Boys Over Flowers would become a hit in Japan just like its counterpart Hana Yori Dango. Daiba Mama wouldn’t answer this directly and instead asked them to pull off their funny faces. I was laughing so hard not just because of their funny faces but also because I was happy to see these guys look so unguarded and having fun. Just look at them.

Daiba Mama thought Min Ho still looked kawaii

I thought Hyun Joong's was funny!

Bummie looks like he needs to go to the men's room ASAP

Joon looks like someone from Planet of the Apes

And the award for the funniest/creepiest face goes to….Daiba Mama!

If you want to see the video with English subs, go here.

Credits: Newshfan for the video.

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