Episode 16 of “Flower of Evil” aired last night, and the action-packed drama capped off with a heart tugging finale. The Lee Joon-gi starrer proved to be an exciting, emotional drama from start to finish.

A satisfying finale (Warning: spoilers ahead)

The last episode left us hanging whether Do Hyun-soo survives after he was shot in the head by Baek Hee-sung. The finale opens with scenes from Do Hyun-soo and Cha Ji-won’s wedding pictorial. Do Hyun-soo is the perfect groom who dotes on his wife. Fast forward to the present and we see them talking to each other like strangers.

Four months have passed and we learn about what happened to the main characters. Baek Hee-sung died after he was shot by the police. Do Hyun-soo went into a coma for a month after sustaining a crack in his skull. He remembers bits and pieces of what has happened. However, he remains confused about his feelings for Cha Ji-won.

Do Hyun-soo gets the ending he deserves

The central theme for episode 16 of “Flower of Evil” is acceptance and personal healing. After being exonerated, Do Hyun-soo struggles to come to terms with his new life. He refuses to acknowledge his deep connection with Cha Ji-won. Afraid that he might give her false hope and disappoint her, he acts cold around her. The two bring out the tears as they confront each other’s feelings. 

Cha Ji-won: How could you forget me? How could you do that? After how much we loved each other. After how we got this far. How could you forget me like you cut me out with a pair of scissors?

Do Hyun-soo: Detective. I doubt myself. I wonder if there is a single ounce of sincerity within me. I can’t trust myself.

In the end, Do Hyun-soo had to let go of his dark past and to get over his self-doubt to move forward. His feelings are valid since he’s a deeply scarred man, who felt that he was never loved for who he truly was. After everything that he has been through, there’s nothing more satisfying than watching Do Hyun-soo finally get his happy ending with his family.

Our final thoughts

“Flower of Evil” might just be Lee Joon-gi’s best work so far. There’s no doubt that he excels in action scenes, but his heart rending scenes with Moon Chae-won are the best acting we’ve seen from him. Meanwhile, Moon Chae-won seems to have mastered the eye acting as she expertly portrays hurt, betrayal and anger.

If there’s one drama this year that you need to watch, “Flower of Evil” might just be it. There’s a bit of everything to suit anyone’s taste – mystery, action, drama and whole lot of heart.

Watch episode 16 of “Flower of Evil” on Viu.

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