I have a confession. I had not heard Mark Tuan’s solo music before preparing for his first solo concert in Manila. Sure, everyone knows him as the main rapper and hyung among the GOT7 members. However, his music seems to be underrated compared to the other guys who have also established their solo careers. It was a very pleasant surprise, therefore, when I started to deep dive into his songs, particularly his 2022 album “The Other Side” and the EP “Fallin.” For a lack of a better term, his music is totally my jam, chill and with lyrics that tap into your emotions.

Last Sunday, January 14, GOT7 fans finally got to see Mark Tuan perform in a solo concert during the Manila leg of his “The Other Side” Asia Tour. With a live band and two back-up dancers, the atmosphere was cozy and intimate, stripped of any flashy gimmicks. Mark Tuan appeared to have a conversation through music with his audience. 

Mark Tuan introduces his music

He explained what the songs from his album “The Other Side” mean. “Even though we’re on stage we may seem perfect, we may seem happy but we still go through all of these emotions that you guys do. That’s what ‘The Other Side’ is about.”

His setlist included emotional tracks such as “After Hours,” “Save Me,” “Everyone Else Fades” and my personal favorite hugot song from him, “Far Away.” He also performed some of his upbeat songs like  “Your World” from his latest EP. Aside from his pop and R&B influences, Mark Tuan embraced his rocker side while performing with a live band. He said he grew up listening to alternative rock music and this influence is apparent in songs like the pop rock track “Carry Me Out.”

Celebrating GOT7’s 10th anniversary

The night wouldn’t be complete without a special fan project video from the Filo Ahgases. While not mentioning any reunion details during the concert, Mark Tuan assured GOT7 fans that their bond remains strong. The group recently marked their 10th debut anniversary.

“I know when we left the company there was a lot of you know, mystery and what was gonna happen. As long as you guys know that we’re still GOT7. We’re still always talking to each other. Hopefully one day, we could come back to visit you,” he said. 

We will definitely look forward to that!

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