Kim Seon-ho as Han Ji-pyeong in  the K-drama ‘Start-Up’
Kim Seon-ho as Han Ji-pyeong in “Start-Up.” (tvN)

For those who miss Kim Seon-ho’s character in the K-drama “Start-Up,” here are some memorable Han Ji-pyeong quotes.

The hit series aired its finale last week, and I’m sure many fans now long for halmoni’s Good Boy. Let’s look back at some of the lines that helped make Han Ji-pyeong a fan favorite.

Han Ji-pyeong Quotes on Young Life and Being an Orphan

As the young Han Ji-pyeong (Nam Da-Reum) looks for an apartment to rent, the broker says to him, “Hang in there. They say you should even pay for hardships when you’re young.”

Maybe it’s a Korean saying meant to encourage young people – I’m not sure – but an obviously irritated Ji-pyeong snapped back:

Then buy my hardships. I’ll give you a discount.

Many of us may be able to relate to Han Ji-pyeong’s line. I, for one, don’t want to pass on my difficulties to others. However, if I hear someone say something about buying sufferings, my reaction would be, “You think hardships are fun? Sige, pa-mine na lang. (Sure, just say it’s yours.)”

In one of the show’s dramatic scenes, Ji-pyeong mistakenly thinks Choi Won-deok, a.k.a. Halmoni (Kim Hae-Sook) – who gave him a place to stay – took his money. During their confrontation, he pours out the bitterness that comes with his situation.

Do you know what it’s like being an orphan at my age? The orphanage gave me two million won and kicked me out because Im a grown-up. And Im supposed to pay for food, clothing, and shelter. But I can’t even open a bank account because I’m a minor. I’m neither a kid nor an adult. How ridiculous is that?

As Ji-pyeong describes his circumstances as an orphan, he also comments on his awkward stage as a teenager. It’s a time when people expect you to be mature and responsible yet don’t take you seriously because of your age.

Ji-yeong on Investing

Years later, Ji-pyeong looks for Nam Do-san (Nam Joo-hyuk), a struggling start-up founder, to ask him to help Seo Dal-mi (Bae Suzy). Then already a successful investor, Ji-pyeong delivers these hurtful lines that crushed the guy who will become his rival:

You asked me if I was interested in investing. Ive looked into about a thousand start-ups so far and invested in a little over 30. Four of them didnt get any follow-up investments… Among the start-ups that I didnt invest in, zero succeeded. None of them. I dont want to lose the latter record. Thats why Im never going to invest in your company. Its not because its early.

In another scene, Do-san’s friend and Samsan tech co-founder Kim Yong-san (Kim Do-wan) faces Ji-pyeong at Sandbox. He brags about their success as Silicon Valley developers and their plan to start a business in South Korea. Ji-pyeong congratulates him, but Yong-san tells him that the former has changed and has become a lot nicer. Our ever-“suplado” Good Boy retorts:

You know, I only say good things to companies I’m not interested in. Why bother to check and criticize the condition of a car if I’m not going to ride it?

Han Ji-pyeong on Seo Dal-mi

Others say Ji-pyeong is guilty of deceiving Dal-mi. In a confrontation with Halmoni, he shows he did what he did to keep Dal-mi happy.

Well, she said it felt like a dream. A dream that she’ll remember forever. It made her so happy. You want to take it away from her? Can you live with yourself after that? Gosh, I can’t.

He also promised Halmoni that he will protect her granddaughter.

She won’t get hurt. I’ll make sure she doesn’t.

Han Ji-pyeong Also Needs to Be Needed

Cold and arrogant as he seems, Ji-pyeong is different when he is with Seo Dal-mi, the love of his life. In one of their conversations, he expressed a need that many of us share. He also wants to be the first person to run to when his loved one is in trouble.

I want to be the person that comes to mind when life gets tough.

When Dal-mi replied that she thinks of him, he said, “I want to be the first person.” I wonder how the diehard Team Ji-pyeong reacted to this.

This compilation of Han Ji-pyeong quotes is partial. Return to this page from time to time to see what I’ve added.

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