Min Ho turns 22

The Korean F4 leader turns 22 on Monday, June 22.

Lee Min Ho has been laying low for a while after undergoing a surgery to remove the metal rod on his right leg. For those who didn’t know, Min Ho was involved in a serious vehicular accident in 2006. A metal rod was placed on his leg so the bones could heal properly.

Min Ho will be making his first public appearances since the surgery in two fan meetings in Korea on June 21 and on his birthday, June 22. He is said to be preparing for his first live performance of his song “My Everything” from the F4 special edition album.

For fans like me who couldn’t go to his fan meeting to greet him personally, feel free to show your love for him here.

Saeng il chu ka hae, Min Ho-ssi!

Credits: Photo courtesy of Lee Min Ho’s official Japanese site

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  1. lee min ho, happy bday…

    ur just few days ahead from me…

    u have to greet me too… lols

    u were born on june 22, well, me, i was born on june 24…

    cancerian rules!!! lols

    wish u so much luck! and longer life…

  2. helloooo..hope you’ll read our comments..
    anyways..happy birthday!! wish you all the best in life good luck to your career and hope you will soon recover to your surgery..regards i am your avid fan hahahah

    i always watch your drama which is the boys over flowers

    you are cute hahaha!!

    i will be in korea soon hope i could see you personally !!

  3. .. first of alll happy happy birthday!!

    …im your fan forever!!!

    …i hope that you will have more projects to come,

    …and i dream that i could come to see you in august here in the Philippines.. even our place is to far from your an meeting place!!!

    ..LEEMINHOlic!!!! forever!!!

    ..wish you the best lee min ho!!!

  4. .. i know my greetings for your birthday is so late…

    .. coz i dont have any time allocated for net surfing..

    ..belated happy happy birthday ..
    .. saengil chukha hamnida again!!!

    ..wish you alll the best always…

    ..more projects to come…!!!

    ..haeng un!!

  5. annyeong haseyo… Lee Min Ho!

    neu-jeot-jji-man saeng-il chu-ka-hae-yo….

    saranghamnida… 😀

  6. ,,,,,aneong nga seo,,,,,,,,,i love you lee min ho,,,,,,,I always thinking of you day,night and every single day,,,,,,,,,

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,kasam-hamnida,,,,,,,,,,,lee min ho,,,,

  7. hellow i hope will be a good 4 nw and i wish 4 a successful career always take care

  8. Hi!!!! Belated happy birthday…. I wish to wish the wish you wish…..
    Goodl uck to your career…

  9. ! — hi! min ho!!!!! ♥♥
    — your my #1 fan of korea!!!! ♥♥
    i love your movie!!!
    ♥♥ but anyway!!!!!!! ♥☻
    happy happy birth day to you!!!!!!!!! god bless always!!!!!!! ♥♥♣ ♣

    —– sarange!! always!!!!!!!!!


  10. __—————————-__________ ♥♥♥♥♥

    take care!!!!!!!!!!

    happy birth day to you!
    happy birth day!!! happy birth day happy birth day to you!!!!!!


  11. ,good day,jun pyo!
    im an avid fan of you her4e in the philippines!
    i just wanted to say hi to you and take good care of yourself and may you have more surprises to be receive in your carrier,goodluck and stay as you are.

  12. Hi. My name is Lisa Tran. I love your acting in Boys Over Flowers. ; ] The movie taught me a lesson: To not let someone be a priority in your life when they’re just an option in yours. I’ve went thru many websites and I’ve found many of these comment boxes. I’ve commented over and over. I hope you will be able to see one. Are you coming to Fort Worth any time soon? I will really love to meet you. Please email me when you get the chance. lisadicutie@gmail.com

  13. hay lee min ho happy birthday,wish you good health and long life love you

    i’ youre number 1 fan here in the philippine

    i hope you will soon have a concert here!!!!!!!!!

    i love you, i love you

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