Two new Asian dramas are expected to reach the Philippine shore this year as ABS-CBN bought the rights to air the smash hit drama in South Korea today, Boys Over Flowers (Kkotboda Namja) and the sports drama Hot Shot which was shown in Taiwan last year.


Hot Shot stars Jerry Yan (Meteor Garden) as a legendary basketball player and Show Luo (Love at the Corner) as a passionate but unskilled basketball player. A love triangle forms when they both fall in love with the same girl Zhan Jie Er played by Zhou Cai Shi. Added to the cast is Wu Chun of the boyband Farenheit and popularized by another hit series, Hana Kimi Taiwan.

  Expect this heart-thumping drama starting March 30.


Filipino Korean drama addicts hear ye!!! Rejoice for you do not need to wait any longer for the Korean remake of the hit series Meteor Garden Boys Over Flowers. Leng Raymundo, head of the ABS-CBN Program Acquisition said that this series which is currently enjoying 30% viewership in SoKor will be airing sometime mid-2009.

Filipinos will surely enjoy this drama as they encounter once again the F4 Red Card and witness the changes it made on the life of commoner Geum Jandi (Shan Cai) and the ever arrogant Goo Jun Pyo (Dao Ming Si). There is also more action among the other F4 members who consisted of Ji Hoo (Hua Ze Lei), Yi Jung (Mei Zuo) and Woo Bin (Xi Men.)

Watch BOF and fall in love with them all over again.

IMO, they are better looking than their Taiwanese counterparts though each version has its own charm.
*note: Lee Min Ho (Goo Jun Pyo) and Kim Bum (Yi Jung) are ours. *peace*


Hannah is a lover of anything Korean— may it be their dramas, music, or food. She has been to South Korea for n number of times, but she still can’t get enough of it. Seoul has become her second...

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  1. hi.!wu chun!!!!!!!!!!i and my friend really loves you very much!!!!!!i hope you will visit here in cebu and especially to our shool(university of cebu lapu2x and mandaue)….ty,,,i love you!mwaahhhhh[# 1 fan]dairy bentulan=>

  2. novemi cute
    Kok kamYu taMbah Ganteng aDjha sich,Dan apa lagi pas lagi main BaSkEt keren abiZzZzZzZzZ.
    kok biza,aq ngefens banget sama kmu ,kapan kapan ke indonesia, tempat aku yach di lampung.

    By: Aq CiNtA KMU. LOVE YOU jErrY YaN.

  3. hallo jerry yan pa kabar di asia enak gak syuting nya.inget ya jgn telat makan kalo nanti mau syuting.nanti syuting kand,INGAT yach harus jaga kesehatan.

  4. q plg suka bgt ma pemain2 boys before flowers n pemain hot shot coz smwx pd keren 2.n aku leh knln ma kalian semua kan pleaseeeeeeeee///////////***********
    how are you today by AIS

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