“House of Ninjas,” a series about a fictional last living ninja family, topped the Global Top 10 list of Netflix on its second week on the streaming platform. The Japanese series has reached Netflix’s Top 10 list in at least 92 countries. It has also ranked #1 in at least 16 countries and regions around the world.

As of this writing, “House of Ninjas” remains on Netflix’s Global Top 10 at number 4 for non-English TV shows.

From an original story by co-executive producer and star Kento Kaku, and developed by showrunner/director Dave Boyle, “House of Ninjas” is bringing ninja-mania to audiences worldwide.

Netflix recently published comments about the show’s achievements from its main cast members who portray the Tawara family. Check out their reactions to the news that “House of Ninjas” dominated the Global Top 10 list of Netflix.

Kento Kaku (Haru, Co-Executive Producer):

“Global number one! We did it! It’s like a dream. More than anything, it makes me happy to see so many people out there watching and falling in love with our show. And to score a win like this with an all-original story. I’m so proud of our team. Stay hidden out there, all you ninja!”

Yosuke Eguchi (Soichi)

“A family that left the ninja world behind and struggles to live a normal life… I’m overwhelmed that this family and their struggle has resonated so deeply around the world. I hope audiences out there will watch it together with their families.”

Tae Kimura (Yoko)

“Along with profound gratitude for everyone who watched, I’m so proud of the cast and crew. I hope that so many people watch it that we ninjas will no longer be able to remain invisible.”

Kengo Kora (Gaku)

“It’s such a challenge bringing audiences to a new show. To have a worldwide audience in such great numbers… I’m so happy that the work of everyone on this show is being seen and enjoyed.”

Aju Makita (Nagi)

“Through our show, I’m so happy that Japanese culture and spirit of entertainment is reaching a worldwide audience.”

Tenta Banka (Riku)

“Yessssss! I’m so happy! The Tawara Family is the best. Hanzo the cat is too! I’ll work hard to become a ninja the world can be proud of.”

Nobuko Miyamoto (Grandma Taki)

“I’m just a retired old lady, but hearing this unexpected good news makes me want to suit up and be a ninja again…”

“House of Ninjas” is about the Tawara family, the last ninja clan that abandoned its roots after a particular mission. They need to emerge from retirement to address the biggest crisis Japan has ever seen. Viewers will witness how the Tawara family will face this threat.

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