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 What ever happened to Prince Shin in Goong/Princess Hours that everybody loved?? Well, After 3 years of hiatus due to serving the military, Joo Ji-Hoon finally comes back into the big screen with a new comedy movie “I am a King”, opening this August 8 in  Korea.

 I am a King Poster


In “I am a King” Joo Ji-Hoon displayed his acting talents once again by playing 2 different roles for the movie and I tell you, it’s not just some two roles you can easily changed into just like that. These two characters are completely different from behavior, personality and even the way they speak. He showed that he can not only do serious roles (Mawang/The Devil) but he can also do comic ones.

“I am a king” is a sageuk movie a about a timid prince that didn’t want to become a King because having the title of king just meant more burden for him. After some sudden turn of events he found someone who looks EXACTLY like him and decided to pull the good ol’ switcheroo.

Other cast members also include Baek Yoon-Shik, Byun Hee-Bong, Kim Soo-Ro, Im Won-Hee, Lee Ha-Nui and many more.

This is probably Joo Ji-Hoon’s first take on a comedy role but with his skillful acting and the diverse expressions he has shown, the movie is predicted to be a big hit and it will definitely make you laugh out loud or even leave you ROFL.

Joo Ji Hoon I am a kingJoo Ji Hoon I am a king

And here’s the trailer for the Movie:


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