Kim Bum and Maja Salvador appears in a commercial for RC Cola.
Kim Bum and Maja Salvador for RC Cola. (

Finally! Kim Bum and Maja Salvador’s much-anticipated commercial for RC Cola was shown for the first time today, two weeks after Kim Bum left the country.

In the CF, Maja goes out on a date who turns out to be Kim Bum. The way he held out the flowers to her strongly reminded me of the F4 After Story when he gave flowers to Ga Eul (that was really cute!!!). Anyway, they were about to kiss in the end but their friends appeared. What a perfect way to ruin the moment.

Watch the CF below and tell us what you think.

Video of RC Cola’s Kim Bum and Maja Salvador commercial

And here is another video with some behind the scenes.

Behind-the-scenes video of RC Cola’s Kim Bum and Maja Salvador commercial for RC Cola

Credits to: meoludenmi@yt/Maylyn Dy for the upload and wandergirlPH for recording, for the picture

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  1. hi……..halo…….!!!!!!!the two of you are so very cute love team a ha…ha…ha…:) 🙂 !!!!!!… .; ;. ; :’, ;’k

  2. anyong maja and kim bum for recota de kim so eun agu lii redamo so two of u so sarranghi hiiko ma de bestien labor kim bum is rico but re ko ha da the famous boy in deek

  3. cute!! ka inlove kau bagay ♥♥♥ love u maja salvador your the best artist for me??? idol tlaga kita♥♥♥

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