Mytor and I got the chance to see Kim Bum in flesh today despite the heavy rains and all that jazz. Truly, the long 4-hour wait was worth it most especially when he flashed his million-dollar smile.

Kim Bum

Cameras were not allowed in the venue and my camphone sucked in taking pictures. Maybe it was the bright studio lighting so most of the time, Kimbum was overexposed. =(

Anyway, Kimbum was really good looking and tall.  Do I need to say that I love his smile? We watched him do his pre-taped interview with Ruffa Gutierrez for “The Buzz” tomorrow and even Ruffa was mesmerized by his dimpled smile.  I was not really able to hear everything since there was not a microphone and it was not a meet and greet event so I strained my ears trying to hear everything.

So far, I remember him saying that he loved the Philippines (we love you too!) and that he’s happy by the support that “Boys Over Flowers” received here in our country.  He also said that he’s single but in good terms with Kim So Eun (our Soeul ship is still floating!).  There were also rumors that he plans to release an album in Japan but he said that he wanted to concentrate on his acting more. There was also this cute moment when he was asked to say Hello to Ruffa and Ai (something to that effect) and then he got confused because Ai sounded like “I” so he pointed to himself. It was really a kawaii moment. He also promoted his newest drama “Dream” which will start airing in ABS-CBN soon. Before he left, he stood up and walked closer to us fans though he did not shake hands with anyone because I can’t imagine what would have  happened if he did.

That’s it for now. I just want to release all these energy within me. Mytor and I really got lucky this time. We were just supposed to seat at the 2nd level but then we realized that we wouldn’t be able to see him with the lights blocking our view. I decided that we should just try standing at the first level but then, the coordinators signaled that there were two empty seats in the first row so we were able to seat there. Mytor and I were elated. Thank you Lord.

Wait for her longer account later and don’t forget to watch “The Buzz” tomorrow for his interview.

*pictures from cam to be uploaded later also. Here are the pathetic pictures taken from my camphone.

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  1. Seeing Kim Bum was amazing. He really looked so cute. I was also lucky I was able to enter despite not having tickets. Thank you Lord!

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