Kim Seon-ho is celebrating his birthday next month, and his Filipino fans are already busy with their 2021 birthday projects for the actor.  The Korean actor is turning 35 (36 in Korean age) on May 8. PH Seohohadas have come up with various activities leading to Kim Seon-ho’s birthday. These include an online benefit concert, cupsleeve events, and a community pantry donation, to name a few.

‘Seonhorana: Waves of Melodies’

In time for his birthday salubong, Seonho United Philippines will be flexing their singing talents in an online benefit concert and cupsleeve event. “Seonhorana: Waves of Melodies” will be held on May 7 at 10:30 p.m. Those who are attending may donate any amount for the chosen charity.

Donors may also choose from three Seonhorana care kits available here. The care kits come in three sets, ranging from P300-600. The care kit may include a cup sleeve, face mask, drip coffee, snacks, and even a customized mug.

Proceeds from this Kim Seon-ho 2021 birthday project will go to Waves for Water Philippines’ Help the Helpers Campaign for the benefit of non-medical frontliners.

Kim Seon Ho Birthday Project and Cupsleeve Event

Meanwhile, Kim Seon Ho Philippines have come up with a fancy way to greet their idol on his special day. The group has put up bus shelter ads in Korea in collaboration with Kim Seon Ho Singapore & Malaysia.

Kim Seon Ho Philippines will also be holding a nationwide cupsleeve event on Kim Seon-ho’s birthday. Aside from the drink, those who will avail will get freebies such as cupsleeves, photocards, postcards, and more. The cupsleeve event will be held in five locations including Manila, Laguna, Bacolod, Cebu, and Davao. Others may also order their stay-at-home kits.

Kim Seon-ho Community Pantry 

More Kim Seon-ho birthday projects are in the works including a Kim Seon-ho community pantry. This is to support community pantries set up around the country during this time of pandemic. Seonhohada Philippines has organized the “Kim Seon Ho Birthday Project: The Giving Tiger Gives Back thru Kim Seon Ho Community Pantry.”

Seonhohada Philippines will be sponsoring a community pantry in Sta. Ana, Taguig to help those in need of basic goods such as rice, vegetables, canned goods, bread, COVID-19 kits, and other essentials. However, the group is planning to support two or more community pantries, depending on the funds that will be collected. Donations in cash or in kind will be accepted. Click here to see more details about the Kim Seon Ho community pantry.

It seems like Kim Seon-ho’s fans have taken the cue from our resident Good Boy as they give back to their communities in his name. Kim Seon-ho will definitely have a happy birthday.

Myla Torres-Eder

Myla writes news stories for a living and watches K-dramas for leisure. She enjoys doing both for Hallyudorama.

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  1. There’s also a project from Kim Seonho Global. The project includes building trees in Amazon for the ‘Save the Amazon’ with Seonho and Seonhohadas names on 2 plants bought to support Seonho’s love for nature.

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