The Kim Seon-ho Manila fan meeting kicked off  the “2023 Kim Seon-ho Asia Tour <One, Two, Three. Smile>” with a bang. The actor spent time in a sold-out event at the SM MOA Arena in Pasay City, Philippines with around 10,000 fans, the biggest gathering of Seonhohadas, thus far. Kim Seon-ho was visibly touched by the Filipino fans’ passion as he thanked them, “Because of you I can stand as an actor in front of you. Thank you. I love you.”

Kim Seon-ho opened the show with the song “Every Day, Every Moment” amid loud screams from Filo Seonhohadas who have waited years for this moment to come. He looked overwhelmed and touched by the enthusiasm of the crowd.

After the introduction and chat with the host Kring Kim, the Kim Seon-ho Manila fan meeting proceeded with fan interactions where the actor got to reenact some of his memorable characters with some very lucky fans. Some even donned bridal costumes, which made Kim Seon-ho laugh so hard. It’s nice to see Seon-ho being entertained with his fans’ funny antics.

During the Kim Seon-ho Awards segment, Seon-ho chose among the Filipino foods he liked the best. He said he was able to try pancit and was surprised at how delicious it tasted. He even likened it to Korea’s japchae. He also chose bibingka as the Filipino dessert that he would like to try since he’s a fan of tteok or rice cake.

During the second part of the show, Seon-ho played a relay game with three groups of fans. And although the jumping rope and sipa tired him out, he said he felt “very, very happy” at that moment.

Kim Seon-ho also showcased his artsy side as he designed a cap that was given to a lucky fan. Finally, Seon-ho ended the show with his song “Reason” and gave a final message to his fans. It “may not be as often as he wanted to” but Seon-ho promised that he will definitely come back.

One of the highlights of the Kim Seon-ho Manila fan meeting was when the fan project was played. Seon-ho fought back tears that still escaped his eyes while watching the video showing his fans’ unending support for him.

In his chit-chat with host Kring Kim, Seon-ho emphasized what he has always wanted to tell his loyal supporters who never left his side, “Thank you so much for always being with me during the hard times.”

After the show, Kim Seon-ho thanked everyone and even the host Kring. The actor, who flew back that same night, stayed for more than two hours for the bye session, mirroring each fan’s hand gesture and wave, with a smile that never left his face. It’s wonderful to see first-hand, even for a moment, the kind-hearted man we’ve always heard him to be. 

Watch our videos of the Kim Seon-ho in Manila fan meeting here.

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