third hospital poster

Kim Seung Woo and Oh Ji-ho are going to be playing rivals in a new drama fighting over patients and love!

Tvn Have revealed the poster for their new Wed-Thurs drama entitled “The Third Hospital” and in it we see Kim Seung Woo and Oh Ji-ho looking sharp and filled with charisma. The poster says “will not give up patients and love” and “The Confrontation of oriental medicine geniuses”.

third hospital poster 2

Apart from Kim Seung Woo and Oh Ji Ho, the cast also includes Kim Min Jung and Choi Soo Yeong. These 4 will take the lead into the drama each with their own distinct characters and with this, provoking great expectations for the upcoming drama.

The Third Hospital would be about two rivals who are both genius neurosurgeons with backgrounds of Oriental Medicine. Where the story unfolds with them leaving behind work and love for their fateful showdown.

The Third Hospital will start airing on Sept 5.


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