Ji Soo and Kim So-hyun in “River Where the Moon Rises”
Ji Soo and Kim So-hyun in “River Where the Moon Rises.” (Viu)

‘Sageuk’ veteran Kim So-hyun is back with a new drama “River Where the Moon Rises.” The teaser for the period romance series set to air next month looks as exciting as its plot. Here’s why the Kim So-hyun starrer is one of the most anticipated historical dramas this year.

The Tale of On Dal

“River Where the Moon Rises” is said to be a reinterpretation of a famous Korean folktale set during the Goguryeo period. It tells the story of Princess Pyeonggang (Kim So-hyun) and her “quest to uncover dark and dangerous conspiracies in the kingdom.”

Ji Soo stars opposite Kim So-hyun in this new drama. He plays the role of On Dal, the son of General On Hyeop. Princess Pyeonggang meets On Dal when she and her mother, the empress, sets out on a tour of the kingdom. The empress seeks the help of General On Hyeop due to the schemes in the Goguryeo kingdom.

Kang Ha-neul Makes Cameo Appearance

Aside from the romantic scenes from the two main leads, the trailer for “River Where the Moon Rises” also features Kang Ha-neul. The talented actor makes a special appearance as General On Hyeop, a righteous general who’s revered by his people. This is Kang Ha-neul’s first project since winning the Baeksang Arts Awards last year.

Kim So-hyun Kicks Ass in New Drama 

We have seen Kim So-hyun in various historical drama roles – the young villainous crown princess-to-be in “Moon Embracing the Sun,” a noblewoman in “The Emperor: Owner of the Mask,” and a vengeful courtesan in “The Tale of Nokdu.” 

She plays another tough woman role in her new drama as Princess Pyeonggang who was raised as a warrior. The teaser for the “River Where the Moon Rises” shows her in a fight scene, looking like Korea’s own Mulan. We stan strong K-drama heroines!

“River Where the Moon Rises” is set to premiere exclusively on Viu on February 15, 2021.

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