Kim Yoo-jung and Ahn Hyo-seop in “Hong Cheon Gi”
Kim Yoo-jung and Ahn Hyo-seop in “Hong Cheon Gi” (Viu)

Kim Yoo-jung, Ahn Hyo-seop, and Gong Myung lead the cast of “Hong Cheon Gi,” the next Viu Original from South Korea.

Viu recently announced its upcoming original content, as it continuously brings fresh and engaging premium Asian entertainment to Viu-ers all year-round.

Kim Yoo-jung, Ahn Hyo-seop, and Gong Myung in a Love Triangle

Right after announcing the second Korean Viu Original “Doom at Your Service,” Viu releases another piece of good news. Romantic fantasy period drama “Hong Cheon Gi,” its next Viu Original from Korea, is set to premiere exclusively on the OTT platform in the third quarter.

Based on a novel of the same name, it tells the story of Hong Cheon Gi (Kim Yoo-jung), an artist with extraordinary aesthetic insight and skills who became the first female painter of the Dohwaseo (Korean Royal Academy of Painting).

She gets embroiled in a love triangle with Ha Ram (Ahn Hyo-yeop) and the Grand Prince Anpyeong (Gong Myung). Haram is an officer well-versed in astronomy and meteorology who lost his sight in a childhood accident. Meanwhile, the Grand Prince is an arts enthusiast.

Where You’ve Seen Kim Yoo-jung, Ahn Hyo-seop, and Gong Myung

The series features Kim Yoo-jung, a young and popular K-drama actress known for her numerous critically acclaimed period dramas.

After her acting debut in 2003, Kim became one of the best-known child actresses in Korea. She has since transitioned into teen roles and gained fame for starring in the historical-fantasy drama “The Moon Embracing the Sun” (2012). She landed her first leading role in the hit drama “Love in the Moonlight” (2016) with Park Bo-gum.

Playing the lead role Ha Ram, Ahn Hyo-seop has gained recognition in recent years with his outstanding performance in “Still 17” (2018), “Abyss” (2019), and “Dr. Romantic 2” (2020).

As for Gong Myung, he debuted in 2013 to star in various films before making his way to the small screen and took on leading roles in “The Bride of Habaek” (2017), “Feel Good To Die” (2018), and “Be Melodramatic” (2019).

‘Still’ is Philippines’ First Viu Original

Besides Korean series, Viu has always been focusing on bringing audience local entertainment from all over Asia.

Viu also shares “Still,” its first-ever Philippines Original. “Still” stars Asia’s pop diva Julie Anne San Jose, theater princess Gab Pangilinan, and Asia’s romantic balladeer Christian Bautista.

It tells the story of estranged friends Sab and Laura as they find themselves stranded together during the lockdown. As they struggle to overcome the uncertainties during their time in isolation, Sab and Laura rally the support of other young creative talents to use their voices to inspire and motivate many others who face similar situations in this “new normal.”

More Viu Titles From Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand

Meanwhile, “Write me a Love Song,” starring well-known Indonesian singers Bio One, Marsha Aruan, and Dinda Kirana, is an upcoming romantic comedy. It follows a struggling singer-songwriter in his pursuit for love. Realizing that he needs to understand the meaning of love to write a successful love song, Kun (Bio One) tries to develop relationships with the women in his life. In these relationships, he experiences both love and heartbreak.

Award-winning Malaysian Viu Original, “Black,” is back with a bigger and more thrilling second season in May. Its first season clinched the Asian Academy Creative Awards for Best Cinematography and Best VFX in 2020. “Black” returns with its original star-studded cast and new blood added to the mix, promising a darker and grittier plot.

In the pipeline and still in production includes three new increasingly popular Thai series “Wannabe,” “My Coach,” and “Agent Ghost.”

“Wannabe” is a story about a group of millennials from different walks of life that cross paths. Each with their own stories and life desires, this hip-hop melodrama stars Chanon Santinatornkul (aka “Nonkul”) who shot to fame with his leading role in the blockbuster hit “Bad Genius,” hip-hop artist Supakit Thinjun, and multi-talented Marina Balenciaga.

“My Coach” is a sports romance drama about a beautiful football coach who finds herself caught between two men as she embarks on a self-discovery journey.

“Agent Ghost” is an action drama following the journey of a detective who joins the National Occult and Belief Division (NOBD) to catch the cult leader of the Eternal Bliss Society responsible for her family’s death.

Viu Focused on Delivering ‘the Best of Premium Asian Entertainment’

In addition, Viu introduces “UBettina Wethu” to its audience in Asia. This first-ever South African Viu Originalis an adaptation of the hit international comedy drama “Ugly Betty.”

“UBettina Wethu” showcases a smart and charming young woman from rural Hammanskraal. She is determined to do whatever it takes to fulfill her ultimate dream of being in the fashion publishing business.

Ms. Virginia Lim, Chief Content Officer, Viu, said, “We continue to sharpen our focus on delivering the best of premium Asian entertainment with increased efforts to drive original local content. Besides offering the widest selection of fresh Korean content, we are also investing heavily in original content so that our Viu-ers can get to watch the most highly anticipated Korean dramas first and exclusively on our platform as well as locally relevant Viu Original series produced out of some of our key markets like Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. With our first Korean Viu Original “River where the Moon Rises” garnering great support from our viewers, we continue the momentum by locking in star studded A-grade dramas such as “Doom At Your Service” in May, “Hong Cheon Gi” in the third quarter, and more in the time to come.”

Catch these new titles and Viu’s extensive library of other blockbusters, first-on-Viu, and exclusive titles on the Viu app. You may download the app for free on App Store, Google Play, and selected smart TVs. You may also watch Viu on the web at

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