“Alchemy of Souls” actor Lee Jae-wook and “Destined with You” actress Jo Bo-ah will be the main leads of Netflix’s upcoming period mystery drama with the working title “Hong Rang.”

According to Netflix, “a whirlwind of emotions, weaving romance and suspense” can be expected from the new K-drama. The streaming platform said “Hong Rang” will be set in the Joseon era and will also star Jung Ga-ram of “The Interest of Love.”

Lee Jae-wook will play the role of Hong Rang, the long-lost son of Joseon’s elite, who disappeared during his childhood. When he returns, he carries hidden secrets with him. Meanwhile, Jo Bo-ah will be Hong’s stepsister who’s torn between doubt and love for her stepbrother. Their fates become permanently intertwined in this story of love, friendship, and destiny.

Director Kim Hong-sun of “Money Heist: Joint Economic Area,” “LUCA: The Beginning,” and “The Guest” will be at the helm of this drama. Screenwriter Kim Jin-a, known for her work on “Dr. Brain,” will be working with him. The duo promises a historical drama that will captivate audiences globally.

The series will be based on the novel “Hong Rang: Swallowing Gold” by Jang Da-hye.

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