Lee Min Ho confirmed playing the lead role Kang Jin in the Korean remake of the famous Japanese manga/anime City Hunter months ago. However, the lead actress was still not finalized until now. So who’s the lucky girl?

It’s no other than Park Min Young who became famous for her role as the scholar Kim Yoon Shik/Hee in the history-fusion drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Min Young’s character is named Kim Nana who is a Blue House (Korea’s Presidential residence) bodyguard.

credit: Park Min Young’s twitter

According to what I’ve read in some sites, it seems like the remake will have a number of differences from the original storyline. In the original version, the lead character is a sleazy private detective named Ryo Saeba who often chooses pretty young ladies as his client. His womanizing activities often gains him a black eye either from his clients or from his assistant Kaori Makimura who is secretly in love with him. Kaori is the younger sister of Ryo’s original partner in City Hunter Hideyuki Makimura who asked Ryo to take care of his sister before he died.

Given the initial differences in the portrayal of the lead characters (they said that Kang Jin is an MIT graduate working for the international communications network team and not someone with a shady past), we could expect more deviations on the storyline itself. I wonder how the original fans of “City Hunter” feels about this.

Anyway, I do hope they would still keep the womanizing, sleazy character of Kang Jin. It would be interesting to see Lee Min Ho act this one out since he’s one of the best young actors out there.

City Hunter will premiere in SBS on May 2011.

via: Dramabeans

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  1. lee min ho’s WISH has come true,he is gonna act in a drama which its plot has been written by his favorite scriptwriter.
    WHAT IF he gets paired with someone he has been admiring all along?!!
    WHAT IF he gets paired with “Song hye kyo”?!!
    in that case,he is gonna become very happy!!
    in that case another wish of his will be fulfilled!!

    lee min ho always makes me smile.
    God,please make him smile in return for me because all I can do is 2 pray 4 him!!
    God,please make all his wishes get fulfilled because then it is gonna makes me smile!!

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