For an ever-growing number of people, picking up a smartphone and watching videos on YouTube, TikTok or IGTV is just as natural as sitting down in front of the TV and flipping through channels. In the social media and viral video era, the mobile user experience must be more than just about making calls and browsing the internet. Enter LG WING, a revolutionary device that offers what no others can claim — a swiveling form factor that redefines smartphone design and usability.


Consistent with its focus on content consumption, the distinctive device even makes a cameo in the hit music video, One (Monster & Infinity) music video from K-pop supergroup, SuperM. Managed by South Korea’s hit-making factory, SM Entertainment, the group consists of seven members from chart-topping acts SHINee, Exo, NCT 127 and WayV.

SuperM made a huge splash when they arrived on the global stage in October 2019 with their EP that entered Billboard 200 at number one, making SuperM the first Asian group in history to top the U.S. album chart with a debut release. Their first full-length album, Super One, was released last month, debuting at number two on the Billboard 200. One (Monster & Infinity), the lead single from the album, has already recorded over 17 million views after just three weeks on SMTOWN, the official YouTube channel of SM Entertainment. Showing off LG WING’s unique capabilities prior to launch to millions of fans via SuperM’s biggest music video of 2020 was rare opportunity.

At the beginning of the highly stylized and energetically choreographed music video, Taeyong is seen swiveling an LG WING to view directions to some unknown destination. At the end of the video, Taemin, standing alone on a hillside in a mist-shrouded wilderness, glances down at his LG WING to reveal a mysterious symbol as the video draws to a close.

SuperM’s fans also got a chance to interact with their idols and see more of LG WING at a recent event on V LIVE, the live video-streaming service operated by NAVER, South Korea’s largest online platform. Throughout the light-hearted session, SuperM members introduced some of the LG WING’s unique features in an actual setting, such as filming each other using the Gimbal Motion Camera feature and viewing content on the Main Screen while commenting and chatting with other users on the Second Screen.

Baekhyun of EXO and SuperM holding a LG WING phone
Baekhyun of EXO and SuperM holding a LG WING phone

The industry’s first Gimbal Motion Camera feature enables users to capture smoother footage and easily adjust lens angle with its on-screen joystick, very much like an actual gimbal. And, as SuperM demonstrated, the two screens of LG’s boundary-pushing device present myriad possibilities for multitasking.

Making it easier and more fun to keep up with the latest dances, memes and crazes on social media, LG’s inspired creation delivers a seamless and much-expanded viewing and user experience — one that has already won over some of K-pop’s hottest performers.

LG Wing
LG Wing

Visit to view the SuperM’s One music video on YouTube and and to experience LG WING with SuperM on V LIVE.

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