Lovers of the Red Sky” on Viu Philippines is our latest historical K-drama must watch. Here are five reasons why you should include the Kim Yoo-jung and Ahn Hyo-seop starrer in your watchlist.

1. ‘Lovers of the Red Sky’ marries historical K-drama with fantasy genre

The drama tells the story of Hong Cheon-gi and Ha Ram whose destinies are intertwined at birth. The two were born on the same date when a demon was trapped inside the king’s portrait. Hong Cheon-gi was rendered blind by the event and she grew up with her father who was a royal painter. Despite her blindness, Cheon-gi dreams of becoming a painter herself.

Meanwhile, the kingdom has been suffering from drought and famine ever since the demon’s curse. Ha Ram, who has the special ability to find water, was summoned into the palace for the rain ritual.

While the palace is busy with the rain ritual, the ambitious Prince Juhyang sets fire to the former king’s portrait and unleashes the demon. The demon takes over Ha Ram’s body during the ritual. In order to stop the demon from wreaking havoc, the deity Sashim takes away his eyes, the center of his power, and gives them to Hong Cheon-gi. Ha Ram survives but loses his sight after the events.

Nineteen years later, Ha Ram is serving as a scholar at the palace while Hong Cheon-gi is now a talented painter.

Although history has recorded a female painter named Hong Cheon-gi during the Joseon era, the events in the drama are all fictional. “Lovers of the Red Sky” will certainly appeal to those who love watching historical K-dramas but are looking for exciting twists. This certainly isn’t your typical “sageuk” about warring queens, royal concubines, and princes.

2. Beautiful cinematography and excellent CGI

There’s always something romantic about the cinematography of most historical K-dramas, and “Lovers of the Red Sky” is no exception. The scene involving Hong Cheon-gi and Ha Ram in a peach orchard captured the beauty and romance of springtime. The stunning colors and picturesque scene perfectly capture the innocence of young love.

Because it is a fantasy drama, “Lovers of the Red Sky” also involved a lot of CGI. It’s great to see how Korean productions have well mastered the use of CGI in K-dramas today.

3. Talented young stars dominate first episode

The first episode of “Lovers of the Red Sky” shows the young Hong Cheon-gi played by Lee Nam-kyung and the young Ha Ram played by Choi Seung-hoon. Both young actors are familiar faces for K-drama fans, and you will find the two as charismatic as the main stars. 

Lee Nam-kyung looks adorable on screen and she could hold her own in the dramatic scenes. It’s fun to watch the two young stars that you’d wish they had more scenes together.

4. Kim Yoo-jung is back in her element

For “sageuk” fans, it’s almost impossible to miss Kim Yoo-jung, as the talented actress grew up acting in historical dramas. “Lovers of the Red Sky” marks Kim Yoo-jung’s return to this K-drama genre after the 2016-hit “Love in the Moonlight” with Park Bo-gum.

Her role as Hong Cheon-gi is not your typical female protagonist. She’s feisty and she usually hangs out with the boys being the only female painter. For sageuk fans, it’s certainly a treat to see Kim Yoo-jung back in her element.

5. Kim Yoo-jung and Ahn Hyo-seop’s chemistry is palpable

In the past, we’ve seen Kim Yoo-jung partnered with top male stars, mostly older than her. It’s refreshing to see her with someone closer to her age and Ahn Hyo-seop’s visuals definitely won’t disappoint.

However, for those who have yet to watch this drama, you will have to wait for the second episode to see Kim Yoo-jung and Ahn Hyo-seop on screen. The wait is definitely worth it as their first scene together is “kilig” inducing as it is shocking. We won’t spoil the details but you will just have to see it for yourself.

“Lovers of the Red Sky” is now streaming on Viu Philippines.

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