Looks like I’m gonna have my first crack drama for the year 2011 with the perfect-faced Kim Tae Hee and hottie Song Seung Hun starring in the romantic-comedy series “My Princess.”

“My Princess” has been in the drawing board since last year and finally, we now have an idea of what the drama is all about.  Kim Tae Hee is Lee Seol, a college student who has a crush on her professor and dreams of going to Egypt for a vacation, which is actually the reason for her preposterous moneymaking schemes.  Song Seung Hun, on the other hand, is Park Hae Yeong, a diplomat who belongs to a *chaebol family. In short, he is the perfect guy.  One day, a decree was ordered that the Royal Family will be reinstated in Korea and Lee Seol soon learns that her father was a Prince, making her a real-life Princess.

I admire Kim Tae Hee for her pretty face but not much of her acting since I still despise her role in “Stairway to Heaven” as the eye-bulging sister of Choi Ji Woo. However in this series, she is simply hilarious and her acting is effortless. She is so adorable most especially when she was musing about her dream trip to Egypt, which included her professor. Now, who could beat a little college crush? I think the role is really perfect for her because I couldn’t think of any other pretty actress who could play her part, aside from Song Hye Kyo.

Song Seung Hun is a revelation here. The bland acting is gone. Whohoo!!! In place was the guy who knew that he is good looking and uses it to the best of his advantage. It was funny how he sized up Lee Seol’s professor and convinced himself that the Professor was no match for him. I just have to protest his choice of girls. Why did he like that ajumma-looking curator who calls him oppa? She looks older than him!!!

The drama is just in its second episode and I’m already loving it. Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Hun already clicked from the start and I giggle like a school girl during their interactions. Also, I thought that the revelation will come later on but wow, the writers were fast. They already got over the initial hurdle of how to divulge that Lee Seol is the Princess. I am anticipating how they will portray Korea as both having a government and the Royal family. Will she become like Queen Elizabeth? Last but not the least, how will she find her Prince? (I am totally crushing on Song Seung Hun. He is so good looking here, I don’t know what he did!)

My Princess airs at MBC every Wednesday-Thurs, 9:55pm (KST).

*chaebol — is a business conglomerate, mostly family owned. Think Go Jun Pyo of Boys Over Flowers.

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