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To those excited and waiting patiently to see Lee Joon-gi and Shin Min-a’s new drama “Arang Magistrate,” it is now time to rejoice because MBC would be airing a pre-screening special of the supernatural-themed drama.  The episode special will be titled “Enjoying Arang Magistrate 100 Times” and would be aired this coming August 8.

“Arang Magistrate” is going to be a unique drama about the interaction of the supernatural world and the human world that would definitely capture the attention of viewers.

The main cast are Shin Min-a, who would be playing the female ghost named Arang, and Lee Joon-gi, the government official that can see ghosts, Eun-Oh aka the Magistrate (can you see why this drama is titled as such? ;D) Other cast members also include Yeon Woo-jin, Kwon Oh-joong, Hwang Bo-ra, Han Jung-soo, Yoo Seung-Ho, and Park Jun-gyu.

Not only will the special give a brief look into the story and back story of the characters and “Arang Magistrate,” the special would also be showing how the background and CG graphics of the supernatural world portrayed in the drama, were made and brought to life.

A Wednesday-Thursday drama, “Arang Magistrate” would be airing its first episode on August 15.  And for you guys who are excited and just can’t wait, like me (and me!!! –hanneebuff), go and catch the special episode and be acquainted with the drama a week before its airing.

Source: tvdaily

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