As I was browsing through our BOF-related posts, I realized that we haven’t written anything about the main couple of Boys Over Flowers. We all adore Soeul because they’re just too cute for words but of course the story of Boys Over Flowers revolves around the Jun Pyo-Jan Di romance so I think this warrants a post about them.

Minsun a.k.a Lee Min Ho and Goo Hye Sun were in Taiwan for three days (June 1-3) where they attended a couple of fan events to promote BOF. I’m just so green with envy. They’re like there, on top of our map, so near yet so far. Okay, according to this Taiwan is 722 miles away from Manila but still. They could have flown here right away.

At first I thought that the Minsun couple lacked spark between them but I think that was just a result of bad directing in BOF because I’ve seen some off-cam moments between the two and they’re surprisingly cute. Like this one:

While in Taiwan, Minsun also guested in 100% Entertainment hosted by Alan Luo or Show Luo, the guy with Jerry Yan and Wu Chun in Hot Shot. Show also starred in a Rejoice TV commercial, where he ran after the bus to return a girl’s hair clip. Yup, that one. Below is a clip of Minsun’s guesting.

The two are now back in Korea and I read somewhere that they’ll be continuing their promotions on July in China and here in RP on August. Yipee!!!

Credits: TOM.COM, Hoonfami’s YT channel, Chunella20’s YT channel, Goo Hye Sun, Lee Min Ho‘s Soompi Thread

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