“Move to Heaven” is a heartwarming, emotion stirring K-drama, and here are the reasons why we think it deserves a season 2.

‘Move to Heaven’ celebrates life

“Move to Heaven” is a story about Han Geu-ru who has Asperger syndrome and works as a trauma cleaner. He lives with his ex-convict uncle Cho Sang-gu after his father’s sudden death. Their job is to clean the houses of those who have died and in the process assist them in their “final move.” While sorting through the person’s belongings, they discover how the person lived. 

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It’s easy to dismiss death as a fact of life. We’ve seen the casualty count due to the pandemic but unless we become victims ourselves, we rarely chew over the value of life. “Move to Heaven,” however, takes on the topic of death head on and celebrates life in the process.

Tang Jun-sang and Lee Je-hoon give solid Performances

Tang Jun-sang is lovable as the innocent, emotionless Han Geu-ru. There is nothing over the top with his believable performance as someone with Asperger syndrome. The scenes where Geu-ru deals with his father’s death are quiet yet some of the most heart-wrenching ones in the series.

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Meanwhile, Lee Je-hoon sheds off his leading man persona as he plays the uncouth, brusque former boxer Cho Sang-gu. It’s fun to watch his transformation from someone who wouldn’t care less about Geu-ru to someone who rejoices in becoming his nephew’s legal guardian by the end of season 1. We want more of Geu-ru and Sang-gu bonding moments if there’s a “Move to Heaven” season 2.

‘Move to Heaven’ Season 2 can answer questions left behind

In the final scene, Han Geu-ru talks to a student who wants to get his service. Han Geu-ru looks intrigued. Or is he crushing on her? Will Cho Sang-gu stay with his nephew? Will Geu-ru learn about his real parents?

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With just 10 episodes, there’s still a lot of stories that “Move to Heaven” can explore for a possible season 2. It’s good to know that the lead cast are likely to be back if it pushes through. 

“Move to Heaven” episodes are up on Netflix.

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