Netflix is set to launch its first original Japanese school drama series, “Chastity High,” on August 29. This J-drama promises viewers a sensational telling of love and morality in the modern age.

Set in an ultra-elite high school that imposes a strict ban on dating between boys and girls, the series explores the consequences of forbidden love. A mysterious social media account begins exposing scandalous secrets. Students then fight to expose one another as they rebel against the school and its overbearing rules.

Real-life events where a female student sued her school for expulsion due to violating its stringent regulations on dating a member of the opposite sex inspired “Chastity High.” The series incorporates extensive research into Generation Z’s perspectives on romance. It captures the essence of contemporary youth culture and their evolving attitudes towards love and relationships.

Ai Mikami and Miyase Ryubi on ‘Chastity High’

Actress Mikami Ai headlines the series. Her exceptional performances in the Netflix global hit “Yu Yu Hakusho” and the film “Undead Lovers” have solidified her as a rising star in the industry. Mikami takes on the role of Arisawa Ichica, who finds herself at the center of a tumultuous conflict fueled by forbidden love and societal expectations. 

“She initially had a neutral presence, but once she began acting, the power of her eyes amazed me. I thought she would be a perfect fit to embody the strength required to fight for what you want under difficult circumstances,” says executive producer Okano Makiko on casting Mikami. 

“I was also impressed by how innocent and endearing she was during a romantic scene audition. Both the director and I were immediately charmed by her and we decided she just had to be our Ichica!” she added.

Meanwhile, Miyase Ryubi (“Lovesick Ellie,” “Kururi Who’s in Love with Me”) portrays Maki Ryogo, whose journey intertwines with Ichica’s.

“Maki is the total opposite of Ichica in that he’s not a typical good student,” explains Okano. We needed an actor who could authentically portray how his character changes after falling in love. Miyase caught our attention because of his ability to charm audiences across a wide range of roles.”

“Chastity High” premieres August 29, only on Netflix.

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