From Lee Jong-suk’s drama comeback to Ji Chang-wook and Kim Go-eun’s much-anticipated projects, fans won’t be bereft of new K-dramas to watch. Find out where to stream these K-dramas (legally!) this August if you’re in the Philippines.


Who: Ji Sung, Seo Ji-hye, Lee Soo-kyung
When: July 27
Where: TBA (You can watch this on Disney+ if you have VPN and can sign up for an account.)
Plot: Ji Sung plays the role of twin brothers who discover that their biological father was framed by a powerful corporation for the murder of their stepfather.

‘Big Mouth’

Who: Lee Jong-suk, Im Yoon-ah, Kim Joo-hoon
When: July 29
Where: TBA (You can watch this on Disney+ if you have VPN and can sign up for an account.)
Plot: In his first K-drama after his military discharge, Lee Jong-suk plays a mediocre lawyer who gets tangled up in a murder case. Im Yoon-ah plays his wife who attempts to clear her husband’s name after he’s accused of being the notorious conman Big Mouse.

‘Today’s Webtoon’

Who: Kim Se-jeong, Nam Yoon-su, Choi Daniel
When: July 29
Where: Viu Philippines
Plot: This remake of the Japanese series “Sleepeeer Hit!” is set in Korea’s competitive webtoon industry. Kim Se-jeong is On Ma-eum, a former judo athlete turned webtoon editor who stays positive despite life’s adversities.

‘Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist’

Who: Kim Min-jae, Kim Hyang-gi, Kim Sang-kyung
When: August 1
Where: Viu Philippines
Plot: Yoo Se-poong (Kim Min-jae) is an excellent physician. However, he was expelled from the palace after being caught up in the conspiracy of the royal family. He then works to become a doctor who heals the heart.

‘If You Wish Upon Me’

Who: Ji Chang-wook, Choi Soo-young, Sung Dong-il
When: August 10
Where: Viu Philippines
Plot: Yoon Gyeo-rye (Ji Chang-wook) has lived a tough life, having spent time in an orphanage, juvenile detention, and prison. As he struggles to have a normal life, he serves as a volunteer in a hospice where the staff strive to fulfill the wishes of people living their final days.

‘A Model Family’

Who: Jung Woo, Park Hee-soon, Yoon Jin-seo, Park Ji-yeon
When: August 12
Where: Netflix
Plot: Dong Ha (Jung Woo) is on the verge of bankruptcy and divorce. One day he finds an abandoned car with money and drugs, which starts his family’s entanglement with a drug ring.

‘Little Women’

Who: Kim Go-eun, Nam Ji-hyun, Park Ji-hoo, Wi Ha-joon
When: September 3
Where: Netflix
Plot: Kim Go-eun, Nam Ji-hyun, and Park Ji-hoo play three sisters from a poor background in this retelling of Louisa May Alcott’s classic “Little Women.” The sisters get involved in a case against Korea’s most influential and richest family.

‘The Law Cafe’ (‘Love According to the Law’)

Who: Lee Seung-gi, Lee Se-young
When: September 5
Where: Viu Philippines
Plot: Kim Jeong-ho (Lee Seung-gi) is a former prosecutor who owns a building that houses a cafe that serves coffee and legal advice. He’s friends with Kim Yoo-ri (Lee Se-young), an eccentric lawyer who opens the “Law Cafe.”

Be sure to check back with us as we update this list to find out how you can watch these K-dramas this August in the Philippines.

Myla writes news stories for a living and watches K-dramas for leisure. She enjoys doing both for Hallyudorama.

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