Continuing from the previous night

Aya’s mother, Shioka, is concerned with her daughter’s recent actions so she talks to her that night and convinces her to go to the hospital to see what’s wrong. Aya complies to dispel the worry of her mom and continues looking for a song for the choral competition.


The following day at school, she talks to her classmate Tomita to do the accompaniment for their piece but Tomita refuses. Haruto sees the conversation but does nothing.  That afternoon, everyone joins a club. Aya decides to be with the basketball team while Haruto is in the biology club. 

Another day, Aya is on her way to school but she falls and hits her chin on the ground.  Aya’s dad sees her and immediately calls her mother. Her mother decides to bring her to the hospital immediately seeing how her chin is bleeding.  They arrive at the University of Jonan Hospital shortly thereafter but before going out of the car, Aya’s mother notices that her daughter’s hands doesn’t have wounds or scratches which puzzles her.

Haruto is also in the hospital to bring documents to his father who is a doctor.  He sees Aya as she goes out of the clinic to have her wound treated and tells her that she falls a lot.

Aya is surprised to see Haruto and asks him why he’s there. He tells her that he has an incurable disease but when Aya is about to believe him, he says he’s kidding.  He made two more jokes that’s why when he tells her that his father is a doctor at the hospital, Aya doesn’t believe him and tells him he’s lying.  He didn’t bother to correct her then and says she’s right.

The doctor tells Shioka that Aya didn’t have a fracture and her wound will heal in one week’s time. She asks the doctor if it’s normal that her daughter won’t have any scratches on her hands since if one falls, the tendency is to break the fall by reaching out but Aya seems to directly bump her chin on the ground which is weird.  She then adds that Aya keeps on dropping things and can’t use the chopsticks properly.  The doctor recommends that her doctor see a neurologist. 

Outside, Aya tells Haruto to choose a song for the choral competition.  As he leaves, he tells her that humans are greedy wanting to live longer. Aya things he’s really weird. 

Aya takes other tests. Dr. Mizuno, the neurologist, asks her to walk around the clinic and then stand using only one leg. Aya has trouble finding her balance.  There’s also the finger pointing test where she fails to connect her finger and the doctor’s.  Afterwards, she takes a CT scan.

Shioka calls to Aya’s dad and tells him that there’s nothing wrong with the wound.  She wanted to tell him that Aya is taking other tests but Aya’s dad keeps on interrupting her.

After the tests are done, Dr. Mizuno tells Aya to keep a diary and write everything that happens to her. Aya started writing that night.

Aya’s class haven’t decided on the song yet and Aya makes a speech to encourage them.  She tells the story of her father who took a lot of work but in the end, still inherited her grandfather’s tofu shop. She says that nothing they did is in vain, they may take the longer way, they should challenge a lot of things because they still have plenty of time.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mizuno calls Aya’s mom and tells her about the prognosis.  We then revert to the first scene of the drama where Dr. Mizuno exaplains that Aya has spinocerebellar degeneration. Her cerebellum is shrinking, resulting to loss of neurons.  Slowly, Aya will loss muscle control and won’t be able to talk and walk. It cannot be healed says the doctor and Aya’s mother, Shioka, is devastated.

Shioka cannot simply accept one doctor’s prognosis so she asks for the MRI to ask for other opinion. Dr. Mizuno encourages her to do that, however, she has to make it quick because her daughter’s disease is progressing. 

At school, Aya’s class has finally decided on a song. Aya asks Tomita to do the accompaniment but she refuses. When Haruto asks her, she agrees and Aya is thankful that the problem is finally solved.

Aya’s mother does her own research by buying books and looking at the internet and she sees that no cure has been found yet. 


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