Park Seo-joon has made a cameo appearance in episode 9 of the Park Bo-gum drama “Record of Youth,” and fans are happy to see two of their favorite leading men together.

The Park duo shared a scene depicting a life-changing moment for Park Bo-gum’s character Sa Hye-jun. While Park Bo-gum had a cameo role in Park Seo-joon’s drama “Itaewon Class,” this is the first time that the two top Hallyu stars appeared in a scene together.

And the Best Actor Goes To…

In episode 9 of “Record of Youth,” we see Sa Hye-jun’s career on an uptake as he takes on a historical drama for his next project. His gamble pays off and his top star status is cemented. Not only is he hosting the drama awards, he’s also nominated for best actor along with his arch-rival Park Do-ha. 

During the awards ceremony we finally see Park Seo-joon, who plays the role of model-turned-actor Song Min-su. He presents the award for best actor in a mini-series after winning the same the previous year. Onstage the audience is treated to a cute Park-Park interaction.

Park Leading Men

With their boyish charms, Park Bo-gum and Park Seo-joon are the most in-demand leading men in Hallyu today.  But while the two are known for their matinee idol status, their appeal to viewers differ. Park Bo-gum has a perfect, clean-cut image, while Park Seo-joon has that boy-next-door, rough around the edges appeal to him. 

The ‘V’ Connection

Park Bo-gum and Park Seo-joon not only share the same surname, they also have a common friend – BTS’ Kim Taehyung or V.

Park Bo-gum, who’s a self-confessed BTS fan, became friends with V after working alongside each other in the music program “Music Bank.” Park Bo-gum used to host the show while BTS was a frequent guest. The two even hung out in Lotte World and traveled together to Jeju island.

Meanwhile, Park Seo-joon became friends with V after working together in the historical drama “Hwarang.” The two, along with actors Choi Woo-shik and Park Hyung-sik, and musician Peakboy, form the famous “Wooga” squad. It wouldn’t be surprising if Park Bo-gum joins this group of celebrities. 

Park Bo-gum or Park Seo-joon?

While some debate on which Park they prefer, both are extremely talented actors who have captured the hearts of viewers around the world. A project together will be a sure hit, so we’re hoping for one in the near future.

For now, we’ll have to make do with the small interactions between Park Bo-gum and Park Seo-joon in “Record of Youth.” 

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