Park Bo-gum and Park So-dam have been fluttering viewers’ hearts in “Record of Youth.” We find out that the two share more things in common aside from their sweet on-screen chemistry.

Both Can Sing

In Episode 6 of “Record of Youth,” Sa Hye-jun (Park Bo-gum) sings a few lines from Sweden Laundry’s “Two Hands, to You.” His sweet voice suits the poignant lyrics of the song, which talks about forgetting the hardships of growing up when someone is there to support you.

Aside from acting, Park Bo-gum is also known for his musical talents. He revealed in a previous interview that he initially wanted to be a singer-songwriter but his agency suggested that he become an actor. 

In 2016, Park Bo-gum performed the song “My Person” from the OST of “Love in the Moonlight.” His first studio album “Blue Bird” dropped last March while his latest single “All My Love” was released last August.

Meanwhile, Park So-dam showed off her other talent when she guested in the talk show “Radio Star” in 2016. The actress looked nervous while singing “If You Come Back,” but the hosts seemed quite impressed with her.

Both Can Play the Piano

Park Bo-gum has been playing the piano since he was a child. He honed his musical talents as a pianist and choir member at church. No wonder why he’s so comfortable playing the keys and singing live during his fan meetings. 

Park So-dam also knows how to play the piano. She posted a short clip of her playing the song “Mon Cher” from the play “The Student and Mr. Henri.” She played the role of Constance in the theatrical adaptation in Korea in 2017.

Both Are Natural Beauties

Park Bo-gum and Park So-dam’s pre-debut photos are solid proof that they are natural beauties.

In a Dramabeans interview in 2016, Park So-dam expressed her thoughts about not being pressured by the harsh beauty standards in Korea.

“I think having a different appearance than other people is part of my charm. I’ve never thought of getting plastic surgery. I’m not 100-percent satisfied with my face, but I like that it’s the type of face that is hard to replicate with surgery. I think it’s important for actors to have their unique charms.”

Park So-dam on choosing to stay a natural beauty

Both actors are not only good-looking; they have great personalities as well.

A new episode of “Record of Youth” with Park Bo-gum and Park So-dam drops tonight on Netflix.

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