Step back in time to Seoul before K-pop, smartphones and streaming, and discover the making of a legend when “Chief Detective 1958” lands April 19 on Disney+.

Set ten years before the widely loved ‘70s and ‘80s Korean drama “Chief Inspector,” “Chief Detective 1958” builds on the original series’ heritage of captivating storytelling and memorable characters to deliver punchy new plotlines featuring Detectives Park Yeonghan and Kim Sangsun.

Park Yeonghan, a pessimistic detective branded as a rebel  for repeatedly defying the country’s military government, was stuck with the depressing task of removing homeless people off the streets of the capital. Yeonghan and his team’s passions will suddenly be reawakened as they work to catch a dangerous killer.

A generational bridge that’s funny and dramatic with a splash of romance, “Chief Detective 1958” stars Lee Je-hoon (“Taxi Driver,” “Signal”) as disillusioned and incorruptible homicide detective Park Yeonghan; and Lee Dong-hwi (“Big Bet,” “Reply 1988”) as the temperamental “mad dog” of the homicide team, Detective Kim Sangsun. The series is directed by Kim Sunghoon (“Confidential Assignment,” “Rampant”).

Fans of Korean crime dramas can enjoy immediate access to the award-winning series “Big Bet,” starring Lee Dong-hwi and legendary actor Choi Min-sik as a serial entrepreneur who repeatedly crosses the line to help bolster his burgeoning casino business; “The Worst Of Evil,” about an undercover detective who infiltrates a dangerous new gang; and “Han River Police” about a misfit team of police officers; as well as countless other thrilling Korean and international titles available on Disney+.

Discover the making of a legend when “Chief Detective 1958” arrives April 19 on Disney+.

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