Planning to binge-watch K-dramas this Valentine’s Day? Here are five Korean dramas you can view on Viu this hearts month to give you some “kilig” vibes. These feel-good series are the perfect Valentine’s treat, and there’s always one for you and your loved ones to choose from.

1. ‘True Beauty’

Valentine’s K-dramas on Viu: “True Beauty”
Hwang In-yeop, Moon Ga-young and Cha Eun-woo in “True Beauty.” (Viu Philippines) Viu Philippines

“True Beauty” is a Korean drama adaptation of the famous webtoon of the same title. The drama circles around the main character, Im Ju-kyung, and her dual life: the bookworm and no makeup Ju-kyung who loves horror films and metal rock music, and the all dolled-up Ju-kyung who is known as her new school’s ‘goddess.’

#ViuItRight if… you love a good coming-of-age romantic-comedy series. Unlike the webtoon, the adaptation mostly focuses on Im Ju Kyung’s high school life. The drama also elaborates the ups-and-downs of being a teenager – from having one’s first love to the pressure of fitting in. And, despite its comedic nature, “True Beauty” even tackles serious issues such as bullying, mental health, and familial misunderstandings.

#ViuTogether with… your family, friends, and high school friends! This drama can be enjoyed by just about anyone, as there’s always an aspect or two that one can relate to.

2. ‘Mr. Queen’

Valentine’s K-drama on Viu: “Mr. Queen”
Shin Hye-sun and Kim Jung-hyun on “Mr. Queen,” one of Viu Philippines’ recommended K-dramas this Valentine’s Day.

Jang Bong-hwan is an ordinary guy who has an extraordinary talent for both cooking good food and wooing women. Thanks to his culinary skills, the Korean chef became well-known in the industry; Jang Bong-hwan eventually elevated his status quo. Everything was going his way, until he got accused for something he didn’t do. Hence, he then found himself getting chased by police officers, which ultimately led to an accident he never would have imagined: Jang Bong-hwan fell from a high building to a pool… and wakes up as the queen of Joseon. 

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#ViuItRight if… you’re into comedy but also love historical dramas. This Joseon era romance is unlike what fans are used to. “Mr. Queen” combines modern-day aspects, a bit of gender-bender, and a lot of comedy.

#ViuTogether with… your friends and siblings who love historical dramas, and even those who are just starting to try it through fusion “sageuk.” This series is a good introductory drama, as it features details from both the past and the present. (You can also recommend this to your parents, if you’re brave enough. ;))

3. ‘The Beauty Inside’ (Tagalog-Dubbed K-drama) 

Valentine’s K-drama on Viu: “The Beauty Inside”
“The Beauty Inside” is also on the list of Viu’s Valentine’s Day K-dramas. (Viu Philippines)

Han Se-gye, a celebrity who always gets into trouble for suddenly disappearing at a certain time each month, starts to work as a model for an airline company managed by strict company director Seo Do-jae. While it may seem like their personalities are the only thing that’s polar opposite, the two actually share a secret that’s also as contrasting as night and day. Han Se-gye’s overall appearance actually transforms into different people every month, while Seo Do-jae is unable to recognize people by their physical appearance due to a condition called prosopagnosia (also known as face blindness). Will their difference compliment or contradict each other?

#ViuItRight if… you love a good fantasy drama with a mix of realism. “The Beauty Inside” may have fantasy-like elements, but the lessons from this drama are as real as it gets.

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#ViuTogether with… your significant other who also enjoys romance, or your girl friends who love a good drama with a simple message despite its complex storyline.

4. ‘Emergency Couple’ (Tagalog-Dubbed K-drama)

Valentine’s K-drama on Viu: “Emergency Couple”
The cast of Emergency Couple. (Viu Philippines)

Oh Jin-hee and Oh Chang-min were very much in love during their early twenties. Their strong feelings for each other led to marriage, despite the difference in their economic backgrounds and the opposition coming from Chang-min’s family. However, as time went by, their financial status took a toll on their relationship and – as much as we would like to believe that love conquers all – eventually led to the couple’s divorce.

The two then decided to start anew, only to find themselves working at the same hospital in the same emergency department as interns. Will their romance rekindle, or will this situation only make their work life difficult?

#ViuItRight if… you want a refreshing drama that starts with mending a broken relationship, instead of slow-burn or fast-paced romances. “Emergency Couple” will also enlighten people about divorce, that just because your relationship ends doesn’t mean that your life is over. You can always begin again.

#ViuTogether with… your female friends. You can even recommend this series to your mom, so she can watch with her “kumares”! (Or maybe try watching this with your ex-turned-friend?)

5. ‘Descendants of the Sun’

“Descendants of the Sun”
“Descendants of the Sun” is one of Viu Philippines’ recommended K-dramas for Valentine’s Day.

The love story of Yoo Shi-jin, the captain of the special forces unit “Alpha Team,” and Dr. Kang Moo-yeon, a respected surgeon from Haesung Hospital, is somehow similar to Romeo and Juliet. But instead of their families opposing, their career choices and contradicting values are what’s keeping them apart. Shi-jin can eliminate enemies to maintain peace, while Moo-yeon saves lives regardless of who they are. Hence, their differences ended their relationship before it even started.

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Still, destiny seems to find a way to get them together, as the two meet again in Uruk, now as a soldier who protects the people and a volunteer doctor who treats the wounded and those in need.

#ViuItRight if… you want to feel “kilig” but also want that adrenaline rush that comes from the series’ well-coordinated action scenes.

#ViuTogether with… your significant other. “Descendants of the Sun” isn’t all about romance, the mix of comedy and action would be something you and your beau would enjoy. Plus, this series stars Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo, two top stars and eye candies (for your fangirling and fanboying) as leads! #WinWinSituation

Viu and Kraver’s Canteen Launch Viu Valentine’s Campaign

Now with a list of rom-com K-dramas for Valentine’s Day at hand, it’s time to spice up your binge-watching sessions. This Heart’s Day, Filipino K-drama enthusiasts are getting a special treat from Viu and Kraver’s Canteen.

For a limited time, Viu-ers can share a photo of their favorite K-drama moments for the chance to win a snack box, 1,000 pesos worth of Korean food for two, or a premium Korean grill set good for a Valentine’s Viu-ing Party! Terms and Conditions apply.

With submissions only accepted from February 8 — 25, Viu-ers must head on to the Viu Philippines Facebook page or the Viuniverse Facebook Group for more information. Winners will be announced from February 26 — 28, 2021.

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