It seems like Sandara Park misses the Philippines so bad that she just had to visit a Filipino market in Seoul. In her latest YouTube video, the 2NE1 alum went on a shopping spree and food trip at a market selling Filipino goods.

Sandara, who was accompanied by her producer friend, wondered at first whether people would still recognize her. But it seems like Filipinos have not forgotten Dara, who was fondly dubbed “Pambansang Krung-Krung” during her showbiz stint in the Philippines. The store owner was pleasantly surprised to find out that the familiar face shopping was really Dara.

Sandara Park was so happy to see some of her favorite Filipino goods at the market in Seoul. Her recommendations included Mang Tomas sauce, sinigang mix, corned beef, and tocino.

A visit to any market wouldn’t be complete without a food trip so Dara and her friend also tried some Filipino dishes. Dara also gave in to photo requests in between scarfing down Filipino-style spaghetti and menudo. Despite being interrupted by fans, Sandara Park seemed to have enjoyed her first visit at the Filipino market in Seoul.

Seoul’s ‘Little Manila’

For those wondering where this Filipino market is, Seoul’s “Little Manila” can be found in Daehangno. However, this market can only be seen during Sundays. Vendors set up their green tents along the sidewalk between Hyehwa-Dong Catholic Church and Dongsung High School. The location is strategic for Catholic Filipinos in Seoul who want to shop and eat after attending the Sunday mass.

So there you go, be sure to include this market in your Seoul itinerary if you’re craving for Filipino food or just plain homesick.

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