Secret Royal Inspector Joy,” the historical drama starring Ok Taec-yeon and Kim Hye-yoon, features quirky and flawed characters. It’s atypical of this genre dominated by swoon-worthy princes and female leads. Here are some things we liked about this drama.

1. Ok Taecyeon Fits the Unconventional Male Lead Role

Ok Taec-yeon is the secret royal inspector Ra Yi-eon.

We loved to hate him on “Vincenzo” as the sociopath Jang Han-seok. In “Secret Royal Inspector Joy,” Ok Taec-yeon plays the role of Ra Yi-eon. He’s a public service worker who ends up becoming a secret royal inspector, an undercover official tasked to monitor government officials during the Joseon dynasty. Working against corruption is a noble job, but Yi-eon couldn’t care less about his role. He just wants to earn money, travel, and eat good food. He often seems to be apathetic and can be somewhat of a douche. However, Yi-eon’s conscience takes over, and he ends up doing his job anyway.

Being both objectionable and lovable at the same time can be tricky for actors, but Taec-yeon seems to have mastered the art.

2. Strong Female Lead Is Always Welcome

Kim Hye-yoon as Kim Joy

Opposite Ok Taec-yeon is Kim Hye-yoon as Kim Joy, a feisty woman who seems to be ahead of her time. She’s determined to divorce her gambler husband and escape the clutches of her domineering mother-in-law. Despite her situation, Kim Joy is no damsel in distress. She will do anything to get her life back, notwithstanding what the people in her small town have to say. We stan a heroine who knows what she wants and works hard for it!

3. ‘Secret Royal Inspector Joy’ Is a Fast-Paced Drama

Ok Taec-yeon and Kim Hye-yoon team up to investigate corruption among officials in “Secret Royal Inspector Joy.”

Episode 1 of “Secret Royal Inspector Joy” features a lot of fast-paced cuts. It may seem chaotic for some, but the style is refreshing especially for a historical drama where plots are often long-drawn-out.

Just a fair warning, this isn’t a drama for those who are not into over-the-top characters and often theatrical acting. However, it makes for a fun watch and the plot has yet to thicken.

“Secret Royal Inspector Joy” is now streaming on iQiyi and Viu in the Philippines.

Myla Torres-Eder

Myla writes news stories for a living and watches K-dramas for leisure. She enjoys doing both for Hallyudorama.

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