Spotify has launched a site dedicated to all things K-Pop, bringing fans closer to the music they love and the artists who create it. K-Pop ON! Track will provide anyone from the K-Pop curious to bonafide K-Pop stans a home base for all of Spotify’s K-Pop news, as well as exclusive artist interviews, happenings within the industry, up-and-coming trends and more.

Curated to complement the streaming experience, K-Pop ON! Track is chock-full of content that will take fans deeper into the K-Pop universe. From breaking down the wide world of K-pop terminology to step-by-step guides on creating a Spotify Blend playlist with BTS, from a series dedicated to who ‘We Stan’ (kicking off with NCT127) to sit-downs with Spotify’s K-pop music experts, the site celebrates the talent behind the tracks and the fans at the forefront of K-Pop.

Spotify launches ‘K-Pop ON! Track’.

The launch of K-Pop ON! Track comes as Spotify continues to see momentum of K-Pop streams around the globe. The newly named K-Pop flagship playlist K-Pop ON! (온) has racked up billions of streams for the genre since it first launched in 2014. With K-Pop dominating the charts and touching lives across the world, K-Pop ON! (온) has more than 3.9 million followers as of May 2022, with the USA, Indonesia and the Philippines topping the ranks for countries that stream the playlist most. With K-Pop being more than a music genre, but a cultural hub for fandoms, superstars, fashion moments, and more, K-Pop ON! Track will be a playground for fans to immerse themselves even further in the worldwide phenomenon.

With new content dropping weekly, head over now to check out K-Pop Comebacks to Look Out For and be sure to add these K-Pop rookie idol groups to your playlist as we place the spotlight on up and coming artists to watch.

Get closer to the beat of K-Pop by visiting Spotify’s K-Pop ON! Track here.

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