Fun and relaxing may be an odd way to describe Super Junior’s Yesung’s first solo concert, “Unfading Sense in Manila” but it was exactly the mood that the audience felt. 

Yesung proved why he’s recognized as one of the best vocalists in his group. He captured his fans’ senses during the two-hour concert last January 6, as he sang songs from his full length album “Sensory Flows,” and tracks from his 5th mini-album “Unfading Sense.”

Performing with a live band, he opened the show with the mellow track “Scented Things,” followed by “Fornever” and “Silhouette.”

He also sang “Together” while showing photos of his dogs who are 14 and 12 years old. He was impressed when he learned that most of his fans, called ELFs and Clouds, had pets too.

Yesung also livened the crowd with his ad libs while singing the upbeat track “Beautiful” and “It Has To Be You” from the soundtrack of the K-drama “Cinderella Sister.”

After singing the heartfelt “Corazon Perdido (Lost Heart)” from his 4th mini album, Yesung admitted that he was frustrated that it didn’t become the title song. He revealed that this was due to decisions in his company. 

Yesung becomes candid in his first solo concert in Manila

Super Junior, as a group, may have been to the Philippines many times, but it was Yesung’s first time to visit Manila to do his solo concert.  “Honestly, Philippines you’ve been one of our favorite destinations,” Yesung said. 

According to Yesung, doing this tour was something that he had dreamt of. It became possible because of the support that his fans gave him and his album.  He hopes that there will be another chance to see his fans again this 2024.

Yesung was very candid during the ment parts, even noting how most of his fans seemed to be preoccupied with their cellphones.  He said that it’s not important to film him. What’s more important is to have eye contact with him.  

But the fans had a surprise for Yesung. During one of his intermissions, they showed a fan video showcasing different parts of the Philippines. “Wow, there are a lot of beautiful places in the Philippines,” Yesung said.  He was even more impressed when he saw that a fan climbed a mountain for the video and that there was a fountain show for his birthday.  

Before the end of his concert, Yesung shared that he should prepare to show a different aspect of himself this year. He promised to make more efforts to see his fans more often.  Yesung was grateful for his fans’ continuous support to see him every time as he has been in the industry for more than a decade. He reminded them to be healthy until the next time they see each other again. 

Yesung’s “Unfading Sense in Manila” was presented by SM Entertainment, Dream Maker Entertainment, PULP Live World, and Happee Hour. 

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