Netflix has set the stage for a monstrous showdown as “Sweet Home” returns for its season 3 on July 19.

Since its debut, the apocalyptic horror hit has won legions of fans worldwide. Season 1 introduced viewers to the chilling world of K-creatures. It also made history as the first Korean series to crack the Netflix Global Top 10 TV (Non-English) list. Season 2 continued the journey by expanding the universe and exploring deeper themes.

In Season 3, the line between monster and human blurs with each passing moment. Meanwhile, humanity grapples with the emergency of neohumans in a world on the brink of annihilation, marking the climax of the monsterization saga.


The poster of “Sweet Home” Season 3 features Hyun-su (Song Kang) amid a city in ruins. His extended monster wing hints at internal turmoil as he was last taken over by a monster at the end of Season 2. Mysterious cocoons hang overhead, suggesting a new era on the horizon.

‘Sweet Home’ Season 3 closes epic series

The new season promises to bring a fitting close to the epic series and to complete the stories of each character, including:

  • Nam Sang-won, who appeared in the body of Pyeon Sang-wook (Lee Jin-uk) before Dr. Lim (Oh Jung-se)
  • Eun-hyeok (Lee Do-hyun), who was born anew with a complete body from a cocoon
  • Yi-kyung (Lee Si-young), whose maternal instincts are mixed with love and fear for her child, Kid (Kim Sia), born as a monster
  • Eun-yu (Go Min-si), who went from an adolescent student to an adept warrior
  • Private Park (Jinyoung), who grows closer to the lone wolf Eun-yu by shadowing him
  • Master Sergeant Tak (Yoo Oh-seong) from Crow Platoon and Kim Yeong-hu (Kim Moo-yeol), who both pursue a common goal but with different means.

Monsters and humans, who will win? (Netflix)

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