The Sound of Magic,” with its six magical episodes, is more than just a fantasy musical drama.  The Ji Chang-wook starrer is an introspection on adulthood, conformity, and carving one’s own path to happiness. Here are some of our favorite lines from this coming-of-age drama.

The road less traveled


“Choose the path not taken. No need to be afraid. Question everything that you’re used to.”

– Ri Eul

An unexpected kinship develops when the child-like magician Ri Eul (Ji Chang-wook) meets high school student Yoon Ah-yi (Choi Sung-eun). Ah-yi, who’s been left by her father, had no choice but to become an adult fast. 

“I’m not saying you should only do what you want. You should do whatever it is you want to do just as much as the things you don’t want to do.”

– Ri Eul

Although Ah-yi is entranced by Ri Eul’s magic, she remains a skeptic and refuses his offer to teach her. Ah-yi reminds us of most adults who prioritize career and money over passion. However, Ri Eul convinces her by saying she can pursue both. 

Forever young

“Do you remember the brilliant world you used to see when you were a child? Us, back in those days? I believed in myself more and could become anything. Tomorrow was always more exciting than today. Even on cloudy days I would wait for the sun. Holding in my heart the dreams that would come true one day.”

– Ri Eul

There’s one big reason why most of us have good childhood memories. Despite differences in our upbringing and economic stature, we all grew up thinking our dreams would come true someday. When Ah-yi was feeling like the whole world was on her shoulders, Ri Eul reminded her of the good old days when a simple merry-go-round ride could ease her worries away.

Where the flowers bloom

“What makes a good adult? Is success moving forward according to a well-made plan without ever failing? If I succeed will I be happy? I don’t know. Right now I just want to run through this huge field of flowers. What do I have to do to reach that place?”

– Na Il-deung

In contrast to Ah-yi, Na Il-deung (Hwang In-youp) seems to have it all. His rich parents are all too eager to support him as long as he follows the path paved for him. However, after meeting the magician Ri Eul, he realizes that the smooth road may not lead him to his heart’s desires. Il-deung is inspired to take the steep road towards his field of flowers.

“I didn’t know before that flowers don’t bloom on smooth asphalt but on bumpy dirt.”

– Na Il-deung

Sometimes all you need is one person

“What you need now is someone to listen to your story. You think and think and think only inside your own mind, and never let it out. No wonder your heart gets heavier and heavier.”

– Ri Eul

“The Sound of Magic” episodes also stress our need for someone who will listen to us. Ah-yi’s troubles became bearable when she found a confidante in Ri Eul.

“I just need someone to tell me that no matter what others say, it’s not important, and someone who believes me. That’s all I need.”

– Ri Eul

In the end, Ri Eul’s magic became real when someone finally believed in him. Because sometimes all we really need is that one person, right?

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