When a potent new recreational drug begins spreading throughout Seoul’s liveliest venues, an undercover officer will infiltrate the gang responsible in “The Worst of Evil” — a thrilling new crime drama coming September 27, exclusively on Disney+.

In 1990s Seoul, a former DJ seized control of a gang and began pushing a popular new drug nicknamed “Gangnam Crystal” in the city’s nightclubs. With little known about its source, a rural officer is recruited into an undercover police unit and is tasked with infiltrating the gang to bring it down from the inside. Forced to keep his new assignment a secret from everyone, officer Park Jun-mo is stunned to discover his wife and fellow officer Yu Eui-jung has volunteered for the same assignment and that she has a mysterious past with the city’s new drug lord. Torn between his dedication to his job and his need to keep his wife safe, Jun-mo’s actions will keep viewers on the edge of their seat throughout.

Starring Ji Chang-wook (“Backstreet Rookie,” “Suspicious Partner,” “Empress Ki”) as police officer Park Jun-mo; Wi Ha-joon (“Squid Game,” “18 Again,” “Little Women”) as DJ turned gang-leader, Jung Gi-cheol; and Im Se-mi (“My Secret Terrius,” “Shopping King Louis”) as security officer Yu Eui-jung, “The Worst of Evil” is directed by Han Dong-wook (“Man in Love”) and written by Jang Min-seok (“Secret Union,” “Maundy Thursday”).

A 12-episode series with a three-episode premiere, three-episode finale and two episodes released each week in between, “The Worst of Evil” joins an ever-growing lineup of unmissable Korean series now available on Disney+.

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Stream “The Worst of Evil” from September 27, exclusively on Disney+.

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