Coca-Cola and its new ASEAN brand ambassador, Thai actor Win Metawin, yesterday released an online film as a part of their “Recipe for Magic” collaboration.

The video, which also features Win’s siblings Metas, Mintra, and Mesa, celebrates family bond and showcases happiness during shared meal times. It explores “the enchanting bonds created when loved ones gather for a meal, complemented by the refreshing taste of Coca-Cola,” the beverage company said in a press release.

The 30-second video opens with Win Metawin in a supermarket. While drinking Coke, he asks his social media followers: “I want to surprise someone, what should I cook?” Their reply: “Pizza!” Win is then shown preparing pizza. He then visits his siblings, and they share his home-made signature pizza and Coke.

“Our ‘Recipe for Magic’ campaign aims to bottle up those precious moments of connection. With Win’s inherent warmth and energy, we’re hopeful that the experience inspires others to explore their very own ‘recipe for magic,’ turning mealtimes into priceless memories,” said Baron Magtanong, regional marketing manager for Coca-Cola.

Fond memories with siblings, pizza, and Coke

For his part, Win Metawin shared that he was excited to take on board his fans’ suggestions. He also reminisced about his strong bond with Coca-Cola and pizza: “I have many fond memories that involve me and my siblings, hungrily waiting for a pizza delivery while sharing a Coke. So, fast forward to the ‘Recipe for Magic’ campaign, I jumped at the opportunity to recreate those personal moments of happiness. Given how Coca-Cola has been part of many of our family occasions throughout my life, this campaign was truly close to my heart.”

The chance to work with his siblings on the film set produced a cherished memory, Win Metawin said. “This was a priceless experience to have all my siblings on set, and in fact, created another unforgettable and treasured family moment etched in my memory, courtesy of Coca-Cola.”

The “Recipe for Magic” campaign, according to Coca-Cola, embodies “Real Magic” – its global brand philosophy entrenched in the belief that whether it’s every day or a special occasion, moments can become magical and extraordinary experiences when they are enjoyed together. 

Launched across Southeast Asia – from Singapore to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines – Win Metawin’s “Recipe for Magic” video may now be viewed on the official Coca-Cola channels and Win’s Instagram profile.

For more updates on Win’s journey with Coca-Cola, follow its official Facebook and visit

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