“Blood Free” is the latest K-drama on Disney+ that is creating a lot of buzz and for a lot of good reasons. The first two episodes we’ve seen have the elements of a hit show–exciting plot, fast-paced, and intriguing characters played by some of your favorite actors. Here are four reasons why you should not miss “Blood Free,” premiering on Disney+ this April 10.

1. Intriguing plot that inspires debate

“Blood Free” or BF stands for the name of the company owned by Yun Jayu (Han Hyo-joo). BF mass produces lab-cultivated meat for human consumption. The drama opens the discussion on animal cruelty, food security, and the ethics behind cultivated meat. Yun Jayu champions the many reasons why livestock agriculture should be a thing of the past. On the other hand, we see how many industries (and ultimately workers and small businesses) have been affected by Blood Free’s monopoly.

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2. Captivating writing that will leave you wanting more

Before her company had grown exponentially, Yun Jayu was one of the survivors of a terrorist attack in one of South Korea’s military camps. The attack killed some of Korea’s wealthiest elite and paralyzed the country’s president. 

Meanwhile, former elite soldier Woo Chaewoon (Ju Ji-hoon) is determined to uncover the truth behind the attack. He investigates the remaining survivors, including Yun Jayu. He then poses as her personal bodyguard to get to know her more.

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Writer Lee Suyeon (‘Stranger’) has weaved an intricate plot, combining sci-fi, politics, and  mystery thriller in “Blood Free,” which will surely leave you guessing.

3. Han Hyo-joo in her girlboss era

There’s just something about Han Hyo-joo and strong female characters that draws us in. We absolutely adored her as the protective mother on “Moving.” This time, she plays a mysterious and ambitious woman whose intentions are vague. Is she driven merely by her strong values or ambition? Is there something sinister in her? I guess we will have to find out in the upcoming episodes.

4. Ju Ji-hoon’s first Disney+ series

We’ve been used to seeing him on Netflix. This time, Ju Ji-hoon takes on his first project on Disney+. Like Yun Jayu, Woo Chaewoon also has an air of mystery in him. While we take it that he has a strong sense of responsibility, it has yet to be revealed how he was really affected by the terrorist attack.

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We love seeing Ju Ji-hoon in mystery thrillers but we’re also interested to see more of his chemistry with Han Hyo-joo. We are definitely excited to see how their characters’ relationship evolves throughout the story.

Catch “Blood Free,” a must-watch K-drama on Disney+, streaming this April 10. 

Myla writes news stories for a living and watches K-dramas for leisure. She enjoys doing both for Hallyudorama.

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